• What Readers Crave
What Readers Crave
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November 2019
Written by
November 2019

Before I get gowin’ let me put this disclosure out there. Despite being quite pleased with my writing, which not only includes books I’ve written, but the numerous literary activities I’ve participated in, attended, supported and continue to advocate, I am nonetheless not oblivious to those who say…or ask, “who is RYCJ and why should I consider anything she has to say…or write?”

Aside from writing…a lot, I read a lot, too. Analyzing…a lot (sometimes a lot more than I care) as well has been enough of a tangible benefit that makes it rewarding to share my observations.

Do you know what readers crave when he or she opens a book?

Every reader, or potential reader, wants your book to be good. That’s right! Even readers required to read your book for class assignments are rooting for your book. Readers will not be dismayed to open your book and, like the best thing they’ve ever eaten, are unable to put your book down. This also includes those readers who opened your book hoping to find a ton of typos and a story so bland, and long, and uncompelling that it works like a sleep aid.

Now, since I’ve done put that out there like this, I might as well also admit, none of this I think about while writing, though it’s all I think about when selecting books to read.

Happy Writing & Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • RYCJ Revising

    Hi Jen! It's been a while. Glad to hear from you. Keep me posted if, or when you put out a new book. I'm always up for reading a good story;-)

  • Jen Knox

    Happy Thanksgiving, RYCJ! Lovely post - very true. I disappeared because I didn't feel like my best work was out there for a while. I returned with renewed dedication, so this hit home for me. xo Jen