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  • How Women Can Find The ‘Retreat’ In Their Everyday Lives
How Women Can Find The ‘Retreat’ In Their Everyday Lives
Written by
Mianna Korben
November 2019
Written by
Mianna Korben
November 2019

You don’t have to wish for a vacation to go on a retreat. You can have one right now and right where you are. Start by finding a retreat in your everyday life. Embrace the power of here and now and give yourself the best treatment. You can even call this a staycation, so aim to have the best one with our tips.

Start your day with a proper morning routine

First of all, do not hit snooze and continue sleeping another 10 minutes. Once you hear the sound of the alarm and wake up, sit up. Put your legs next to your bed, sit upright and do some neck exercises. This will prevent neck stiffness after sleeping in one position and allow you to wake up properly. Try to think some happy thoughts while you=re brewing your morning coffee or making a cup of tea. Brush your teeth and proceed with your morning beautifying routine. Eat a healthy breakfast and get ready to start a new day with a smile. Use this morning routine to enjoy your own home retreat and start your day right.

Give your phone some rest

When we are on vacation, we don’t spend two-thirds of our day on the phone, scrolling mindlessly. So why do we do that every day? Is it that hard to disconnect? Most importantly use this retreat smart and disconnect for a while. Once you decide to stay off your phone for a day and engage in thoughtful activities, you will truly be in the present. When we disconnect, we give ourselves the possibility to reconnect. You’ll see how much time you’ll have once you put the phone down.

Shake things up a little in your daily routine

When you go on a retreat, you are presented with a number of new things you need to try. So, invite something new into your day. For example, have some green tea instead of coffee. It will help you boost your gut health and also benefit the entire body. Try losing yourself in a coloring book for adults. Coloring will help you achieve mental relaxation, by calming and relaxing your senses in a therapeutic way. You can also try meditating beyond the lotus pose and chanting ommm by journaling. Write one thing that made you happy recently. Also, write a message to your future self, some words of wisdom you’ll read in one year on the same date.

Focus on fitness

The state of a stress-free and vibrant personal life is impossible without some body movement. Physical activity is not just reserved for holidays or retreats. Instead, it should be a regular activity during your day. Make it a part of your regular routine and you’ll have more energy, reduce stress, be healthier and happier and you’ll sleep like a baby. If you combine regular physical activity with nutritious meals, you will share your body and literally feel amazing. So, engage in some vigorous exercise to feel more confident and happier.

Enjoy a sweet treat

Ah, that sweet sensation...A little escape in the form of a home retreat is incomplete without something sweet. Use this opportunity to really eat mindfully. Pick something delicious like cookies cream cake by Zest Patisserie and really enjoy every piece of this sweet sensation. Chew slowly and try closing your eyes while you do it. Take a few seconds between each forkful to really taste the taste of chocolate cream and shards of white and dark chocolate. Eating chocolate can really make you happy because the brain releases endorphins. Remember that you deserve to enjoy this treat and to be happy.

Take time to reconnect with #1

You are the most important person in your life. You are number one. When was the last time you had some ‘me’ time? You probably can’t remember. However, if you decide to do something for yourself now, you will cancel all those times you neglected yourself. On that note, start a self-care ritual and reconnect with your number one. This will be the reason why you thrive in all areas of your life - in your personal, and professional life.


So, next time you feel like your glass is definitely full, slow down. Find a retreat in your everyday routine so you can reset and rewind. Hopefully, our tips will help you start this practice of carving out some downtime.

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