Prologue: My Journey as a Writer/Blogger
Written by
Theresa Chan
November 2019
Written by
Theresa Chan
November 2019

One of the ideas I got from reading articles in shewrites was to start writing on my own journey - as a writer. So, I came up with a list of what I should consider documenting my journey.

  1. I suppose we should always start by assessing our own competency - that would enable us to find our weakness and work on it.
  2. Find like-minded peers to work with, get guidance, encouragement and critique.
  3. Finding a list of topics to write on as practice, and the list should go on - Perhaps, the projects I am working on currently?

Also, one of the benefits of writing online is the ability to edit my post. Well, I have got 3 on my list today. Hopefully, I will have more in the coming months.

My conclusion in assessing my weakness is my confidence -"Do I have what it takes?". That has been lingering in my mind for a while now.


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