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  • Investing in Interior Design of a Startup Company
Investing in Interior Design of a Startup Company
Written by
Emily Wilson
November 2019
Written by
Emily Wilson
November 2019

You have started your business venture in Sydney? Congratulations! Sydney is the ideal and primary place for startup businesses and you can rest assured that your business is bound to make it here. But now comes the next phase of establishing your company.

Believe it or not, the working environment has a lot to do with the success of any company, not just a startup one. Traditional office designs are no longer seen as a good solution for office space. Open concept space is what every startup office is aiming at. 

Let’s see how you can design the interior of your startup company in a good and effective way.

Location is crucial

The location of your office is the first and most important thing when looking for the right space for your company. Location is important for a number of reasons.

For example, it is strategically important if you want to get a high-quality clientele. This means that your company should be located somewhere near the businesses you want to attract to your business. 

It’s a good idea to have your office located somewhere where it would be convenient for your employees to get to as well. Another good solution is to have your offices located near cafes and restaurants so that your employees can have their food options closer.

Additionally, if your company does deliveries of any kind, having enough space for vehicles to park or reach the company premises would be ideal. 

As you can see the location of your company plays a big role in the success of your company.

Open and bright space

Once we have the location covered, the next equally important factor is space. Open and bright spaces are ideal for offices as they spur employees to interact and communicate more and thus share ideas and inspire collaboration. 

Open spaces offer more transparency and offer more inclusion. Also, employees in this kind of office design are more likely to inspire and support each other. 

Another good idea is to make sure that your office space has a lot of natural light. Bright and airy offices improve mood and can relieve problems with eye strain and other similar problems.

In case you don’t have that much natural light you can invest in other lighting options. Make sure that the lighting in your office is flexible. Turn down overhead lighting and reduce the use of fluorescent lightbulbs as they can seriously damage our eyesight.    

Cozy yet unique design

How your employees feel once they enter the company is also really important. If you want your employees to feel like at home, you need to make sure that your office has a cozy feel to it. Also, having a unique design is always a plus.

Starting off with the colour of your office walls. Colour gives life and adds interest to any space. Choosing bold and bright colours for offices is a good idea, you need space that feels cozy and that elicits happiness and creativity. You need colours that give life to space. You can always incorporate the colours of your company’s brand or logo into your colour palette. Uniqueness is the key when trying to make a good interior design for your company.

If you aren’t sure how this whole designing process goes there are many reliable commercial fitouts in Sydney that can give you a hand with both the design and realization of the design. This way you won’t have to worry about whether you chose the right colour scheme or if you have trouble figuring out the good layout of the office.

Why flexible furniture?

Furniture can be really expensive, especially for new and small businesses. Additionally, the whole open concept plan of the offices requires something different. That something might be flexible furniture. 

What is flexible furniture you may wonder? Well, simply put, flexible, multi-purpose furniture is easy to move and easy to store furniture. Stackable chairs and foldable desks that can be moved around and stored when not needed. This kind of furniture is meant to increase space-efficiency.  

Moreover, these foldable desks are a good idea as your employees can both sit and stand while they are working. No one can just sit or stand for hours, so having both options is healthier and more productive.  

Also, as your business grows with this kind of furniture you’ll be able to expand or relocate your business much easier than with heavy and bulky furniture.

Common spaces are important   

Having a common space in an office is crucial. Common spaces just like open-concept offices spark collaboration and sharing of fresh ideas. 

Modern offices are known for their openness and their coziness. Designate a few places where you’ll place couches, these places will be ideal for taking a break and relaxation. 

Then, set a coffee and tea station. Many employees love to drink coffee and many of them bond over coffee. So, having a nice coffee bar can be a complete success. 

Also, cafeterias are another great idea. A place where your employees will have a lunch or breakfast break is a must!

There are many common space ideas out there, so there is a lot to choose from!  


As you can see, investing in interior design can be very important for any startup company. Having a cozy and inviting place, where both your employees and clients will feel welcome is crucial for the success of the business.

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