First Snow, NaNoWriMo
Written by
Jen Knox
29 days ago
Written by
Jen Knox
29 days ago

Today was our first snow in Ohio, and though I thought I'd dread it (and I'm not looking forward to the drive to work), I'm thrilled. The first snow of the year brings out the child in me - that feeling that everything is new and fresh and crisp and waiting to be discovered. This is what I love about starting something new as well.

A new writing project is full of promise and discovery. Though I have participated in the past, I'm diving in full-forced to NaNoWriMo this year because I want to write something light and fun. If you've read any of my work (new sample is here), you know I tend for deep and meditative over light and fun, but why not try? 

Either way, it's great to be back here and explore old posts. Writing is a hell of a journey, and I'm so glad to embark on it alongside so many other seekers. xo Jen


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