Natures Rage, The Alaskan Conspiracy





One day I dared to ask the question, "What if"? What if there was a weapon that could destroy an enemy or for that matter a whole city, without leaving a trace of who did it.  What if this weapon controlled the gravitational pull of the earth?  Everyone was aware that there were companies who made their money by building mass weapons of destruction. But what if this was being controlled by a few men who had one thought on their mind.  And that would be to blackmail governments.  This is my story, you can say to yourself, no one would let it that happen, or you could ask yourself, "What if"? 

I spent 12 years of my life in a childless marriage.  I married my high school sweetheart who turned out to be man's worst enemy.  We did alright for ourselves in the beginning.  He went on to college while I worked. He got the high-ranking job, sitting right there in the nation’s capitol.  And I did everything I was supposed to. I dressed properly, went to the right church, joined the right political group.  I just did everything textbook style.  Until one day I realized that I was no longer needed.



My ideal marriage was a shame, so I got out.  Why I stayed in Washington DC, I'll never know.  I did make some friends. And I did like some of the people I met.  But I always knew something was missing.  I could never put my finger on it.  But deep down inside of me, there was this emptiness. So, I decided to move to Alaska. Alaska? Without leaving the US, Alaska was the furthest place away from the world I left behind.

I pulled in a few favors from one of my ex’s husbands’ friends and he found me a job in Alaska.  All the pictures I ever saw showed me a part of the world that wasn't tainted by man. I had just spent years living in a world of backstabbing liars and cheats.  Ok so maybe there are a few good people left in Washington D.C., who still use their conscience when deciding on which direction to move America.  But they were few and not enough for me to stay.  Accepting a position to work at a research facility in the wilds of the Alaska, was the perfect opportunity for me to get my life back on track. 

I worked as an administrative assistant while my husband went to college. After he became a little successful, I worked at making him look good in public.  I planned dinners, did volunteer work, just anything I could to show the world that we had a perfect marriage.  When this marriage failed, I had to make a living for myself.  I still knew how to type.  On a typewriter, I just figured that learning about and working with these new computers would be easy.  I considered myself semi-intelligent. After all, I was the one who realized that my husband no longer needed me.  I didn’t have to hire a private detective, I just knew.  

This is where my story truly starts, I moved to Hute Alaska.  Population 1,200.  I found a nice little house just about a 10-mile drive from where I worked.  The town is small and there is no pretence here.  The most exciting event around is the annual Sled Dog Race.  Next to those summer days when all you have is sun, the winter is always almost inviting. 




I decided the best way to get to know my neighbors was to volunteer at this annual event.  Living in D.C. taught me one thing, it taught me how to work for free.  Oh, they call that volunteering.  Since this was my first time at this event, I wanted to participate in all the festivities. I helped serve the refreshments at the party the night before the big race.  I also managed to get put on the clean up committee.  That meant I was one of the last to leave the party.  I met so many people that night I knew I would like my new life. 

The day of the big race, I planned on joining my neighbors in wishing the sled runners well.  So, I went to the front of the line before the big send off.  Some of the volunteers from the party the night before were there, so I didn’t feel like too much of an outsider. 

I noticed a very handsome and somewhat out of place looking guy.  Unusually handsome and so charming, this guy stuck out in the crowd, not like all the other men who were there.  He didn't seem weathered, if you know what I mean. I later found out that he had won several big races in Alaska and this race was just his warmup for the big race.  The big race was where the money was made.  He was also a breeder of these amazingly strong dogs.  When I asked, some of the women said all he did was work with the dogs.  He was constantly training them to run the wilds.  And much to my delight, he breeds and sold them. 

Buying a puppy wasn’t part of my big plan in the wilds but after seeing this man I just had to meet him.  I wanted so much to just go up to him and say that he was my eye candy. But that had to wait.  It seems that every other woman there had the same idea.  They were all competing for his attention.  He did glance over to my area once and we made eye contact.  There was no way I could continue to look at him.  My thoughts turned to visions of this man warming my bed during those cold long nights.  So, I smile and decided to wait until after the race was over.   Which meant that I would have to wait for 5 very long days.  In Alaska that could almost be an eternity. 

During those days I continued to get my house in order and get ready for my first day at work.  My first day, hmm almost as intimidating as a first day in a new school. I hadn't felt that nervous since my first state dinner. I wanted to be at my best. 


My first day was not what I expected.  For a weather bureau they had all the trappings that I expected. Nothing but computers, televisions and DVD recorders.  There were also seismograph machines, and Doppler radars that virtually covered every inch of the globe.  The place looked like a weather bureau for the 21st century. 

I was given a tour of the areas where I could and couldn't go. I found out from my supervisor that they would be monitoring the weather and climatic changes around the globe for severe changes, but the information was to be kept secret.  The information they collected would not be published or given to news channels.  The research was just to be used for history purposes.  Which was all the better for me, I couldn't stand the thought of learning new terminology.  I wasn't going to fail at my new job. My broken marriage was enough failure for a lifetime.

 My job was easy, all I had to do was enter numbers into a computer. It didn’t take all day and I pretty much had my work over and done with by the lunch hour.  My supervisor was great in that I was given permission to leave early if all the data was entered into the computers. Everything in my life was as perfect as could be.  Now if I could only meet that tall handsome dog sled runner, I just might like my new life in the wilds of Alaska.

His name is Mikal and he is from Spain.  Came here on a photo shoot and never left. He is about the dreamiest person I have every seen.  I couldn't believe I was having daydreams about this man.  Today was the final day of the race, and true to his reputation, he and his dogs won the race.  He was coming back to our little town and I will get to see him again.  I couldn't wait.


Once he returned, I immediately called and made an appointment to meet him.  My reason?  I wanted to buy a puppy.   He helped me pick out the cutest pup, attentive and lovable. He was feisty and just a bit aggressive.  Mikal said this dog was just what I needed.  He also offered to teach me how to keep this beautiful animal in healthy condition.  Great what a reason to spend some time together.  He said he would deliver my puppy once it was weaned from his momma.  With that offer, I did the only thing any respectable divorcee would do, I invited him to have dinner with me.  He accepted!  This guy who everyone in town told me only liked his dogs would be coming to my house for dinner!  Not knowing his preference for cuisine, I asked him if he had any favorites and he suggested that I let him cook the meal.  It would be kind of a welcome to the wild’s dinner.  To have the counties most eligible bachelor cook dinner for me was an invitation I was not going to refuse.  I was ready!  Bring on the food.

The night of the big dinner came sooner that I thought. I had just gotten home from work, I worked later than usual that night.  There was so much more info to enter into the computer.  There was a lot of activity at work.  There were men coming and going.  Some who spoke in foreign languages and who I had never met.

It snowed all day, or night, I still get confused which is which.  So, when I got home, I barely had time to build a fire.  But there he stood at my doorway with a smile, a bag of groceries and my new puppy in his arms.  I watched as he prepared fresh Trout, cooked different than anyway I knew.  Trout?  I thought this was salmon country.  He also bought me some of the local brew. Strong and hearty, warming you to the bone.

What a way to top off the most delicious meal I had ever tasted.  We spent hours by the fire getting to know each other.  It turns out that at one time he was engaged to be married, but his finance left to go to medical school.  Once graduated she decided that she preferred the city over his yeaning for adventure.  She stayed and he moved. Just by listening to him you could tell that he was hurt by her decision.  I just wanted to reach out and hug him because I knew what it felt like when you discover that you are no longer loved much less needed. 

Before we knew it was time for me to get to work.  We had spent the entire night talking. Mikal offered to sled me to work, and to pick me up afterwards. Life is good once again.


Mikal took the scenic route, Alaska is so beautiful, the mountains so big, and trees everywhere.  So much white, all that white snow could blind you.  On the way to work we passed a herd of antelope.  They just stood and watched as he called out to his dogs to keep moving.  I never felt so protected in my life as I did at that moment. He had wrapped me up in his furs.  Once we got to my job, I said goodbye and thanked him for the ride.  I reached out extending my hand, but he just grabbed me and gave me the biggest and tightest bear hug I ever had.  I really felt his presence! 

Arrangements were made for the ride home.  I gladly mentioned that I would find out what the weather would be like.  With that I entered the building, but not until I took one last look at this most perfect human being. 

I wasn't surprised to see the employees and their guests looking at a chart and yelling.  They were high fiving each other and congratulating each other for their breakthrough.  What’s all the fuss about, I asked.  They turned around and their expressions changed.  Oh, nothing my supervisor said, just that the weather would be clearing up soon.  Being new to Alaska, I guess clear weather was always welcomed but to celebrate like this, these guys have been out in the boondocks too long.

It’s been 5 months now and I am really beginning to like Mikal.  We spend a lot of time together when weather permits.  Being in Alaska has its advantages, you could always call into work if it snows too much! 

Mikal and I made plans to dine at the local eatery one night, but not until after I entered some new information into the computer. Those strange men were visiting again, but this time they stood over me until I had made changes to the information that was stored in the computer. Changes that had to be made before 3pm our time. 

As always Mikal picked me up from work with his sled dogs.  During dinner the news came reporting that Tucson Arizona was in the middle of a snow blizzard.  They closed the city down and warned residents to stay inside.  Never in their history had there been such a weather occurrence.  Some of the men laughed at those wimps in Arizona.  We were used to the cold and lots of snow!  But none the less, it was bizarre.

My Mikal, always a gentleman, saw me home and made sure that both me and Cuka, my puppy was safe and warm before he left.  There were many times I wanted him to stay but felt uncomfortable suggesting.  I wanted him to make the move and I knew when he was ready, he would. 

The next morning, I listened to the news on the international cable news network.  Tucson had received so much snow, the governor called out the national guard.  The desert cactuses were lost to the freezing weather.  I felt sorry for those ancient plants.  I found myself saying, “Give them a few hours and the weather would change”.  Isn’t that what everyone says about the weather? 

I hadn’t even taken my jacket off at work when my supervisor called me into his office.  He wanted to see the printout from the previous days data.  I went and retrieved it for him.  When he saw my data sheet and compared it to the printout from that morning, he became furious and started yelling. 

How could I make such a mistake?  Wasn’t I double checking my work before I entered it!  There is no room for error, I was told.  People counted on us!  No room for error?  How could one make errors when the information entered was what he had on his printout?  I found out later that a decimal had been misplaced and so the numbers were off.  I could not understand his anger, not over a typo. It could be corrected, so I left his office feeling as insecure as the day my divorce was granted.  From that moment on, I double checked, and triple checked every number and letter I entered.  There would be no room for errors!

One evening I brought some work home and Mikal happened to see the stack of papers I was working on.  I was never told that this was “top secret” so I made no effort to hide my work from him.  To my surprise he pointed out that I was entering Longitude and Latitude data into the computer along with military time information. 

The company keeps track of storms and where they happen, I said.   No, he felt that there was something more to this than keeping track of storms.  Particularly since the numbers listed all had dates that were still to come.  Why would a weather bureau keep records on global locations, time and chemistry compounds especially if the information was predated? 

I decided to keep my own records and compare them to the weather reports.   After my first week of recording I was noticing a pattern, something strange.  I wanted to share it with Mikal, but I would have to wait.  He was off running his dogs in a race near Juno and wouldn’t be back till the following week.

When I wasn’t at work, I found myself watching the weather reports and breaking news for any drastic changes in weather.  I tried to record all the information I could, and I was starting to get worried maybe even obsessed. 


It seems that every time I would enter data, there would be some type of change in the weather around the area where the longitude and latitude numbers met.  This had to be my own imagination.  I had spent too much time in the wilderness.  Maybe this was cabin fever, or I really had too much time on my hands. 

But the numbers matched, and I had this gut level feeling that something was wrong.  I only had one way to keep myself in check until Mikal got back from his race, I would borrow my supervisors notes to compare against my own notes.  He wouldn’t miss them anyway.

It has been over 4 days, and I am so scared right now, I want to run away and never come back.  I just heard an earthquake struct a tiny village in Iran killing over 4000 people.  I checked the longitude and latitude coordinates, they matched the numbers I had entered, but something was different, I had entered some new numbers that I had not seen before.  I fully did not understand what was happening but somehow, I could not fight this gnawing feeling deep inside my stomach that something was wrong, terribly wrong. 



I waited until the next evening when Mikal would be back. He would talk some sense into me and tell me that this is all just my imagination. I’ll just go to work tomorrow and act like nothing has happened.  Nothing has happened!  I have no proof that the numbers I enter into the computer somehow change the weather.  The notes from my supervisors print outs referred to a gravitational pull.  This is crazy, weather and the movement of the earth.

I woke to a cold snowy day, or night.  Which was it?  Alaska gets so little sun during this time of the year.  That’s it!  The lack of sun has caused me to hallucinate all this.  I’ll just get ready and go to work and make plans to buy some type of sunlight lamp so I can get those rays that I need.

When I arrived at work, I was met by this man, whom I had seen around the center but never really talked to him.  He told me that I was needed in the “Data” room immediately. 

He went as far as escorting me there.  I didn’t even have a chance to take my coat, boots and gloves off.

As I walked closer to the room, I could hear men yelling at each other.  From what I could make out something was missing.  I entered the room without knocking and that's when I realize that I was on to something. 

Every single employee at that research center was there and they all had the same file that I had “borrowed” from my supervisor.  I promised myself that I would act surprised and not protective.  I was not going to be bullied into giving them information on the whereabouts of that file. 

My only proof that this research center was playing with the climate changes and earth’s movement was that file. Except for a few burst of joy, my supervisor was an intense man.  He panicked when he saw me and ran over to me.  He began yelling. “Where’s the file, Karen, where’s the file!"  I told him I didn’t know what file he was talking about.  Maybe I could play the dumb blond and get away with it. 

He looked at the man who escorted me to this section of the building that had been off limits to me, and yelled check her house!  “Wait a minute, he can’t go into my home”!  I fired back, "What are you looking for?" I asked, trying not to show fear. They say your enemies can smell your fear.  I don't know, I just didn't want them to see me shake. So, I asked, "Maybe I had seen it someplace in or around my area of work.  I could help look for it." 

I just didn’t want them to search my house!  How dare they! 

Luckily for me that old Washington D.C., paranoia set in, for you see, I had hidden the file in my woodpile, just in case there was something to be found in those papers.  My ex-husband always told me, never trust anyone, not even your sister.

My supervisor was this old portly man, kind of the Danny DeVito type in taxi, you remember him don’t you.  So, I never really was intimidated by his presence.  But here in this room with those others, I felt alone and very helpless.  I would not let them know that. 

I was "allowed" to accompany this man with a few others to my house.  They were certain that I had taken papers from the center.  These guys were getting nervous over some thing they couldn’t find. 

At my house my supervisor and his “gorillas” searched every inch of my house, it was hard for me to fire back and insist that they not make a shamble of this cozy little place I call home.  I had a hard time keeping Cuka from attacking them.  After a couple of hours of looking into everyplace imaginable and not finding anything my supervisor turned to me and apologized for what had just happened.  He explained that the company that hired us to do the research was stepping up the project and that all the data needed to be put into the computer and without that file they could not complete the project. 

I offered to help him look for the file when I got back to work, but he suggested that I take a few days off. 

The company gorillas took off and I locked the door behind me.  Shaking and falling to the floor, I knew then that this was no ordinary weather center.  I knew that they were trying to control the weather.  The only proof I had was buried under my wood pile.

I was not going out to retrieve it, I still felt their presence.  All I could do was wait for Mikal.  He would be back later that evening.

What was only hours seemed like days.  I heard every sound that was made.  I felt every breeze that blew threw the trees, I heard my heart beating out loud.  I was scared.  But I was still unsure of what frightened me.  I was spinning with speculation, downing in the unknown. 

What have I gotten myself into?  Why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone?  I barely heard the knock on the door, my beating hear was so loud.  I barely heard Mikal call my name.  By the time I heard him he was more like screaming my name. I came to my senses and opened the door, I grabbed him and held on to him as tight as I could.  He was my life raft; I didn't want to let go.


Mikal brushed the tears from my cheeks and kissed me, with a kiss like I never felt before.  Warm and tender yet so full of strength.  I melted into his kiss.  All I could hear was his voice telling me to calm down.  To slow the words that came bursting out of my mouth.  I was not making sense.  I had to get a grip. I had to make sense of this nonsense. I had to tell him what was happening.

Mikal and I spent hours talking about the research center and the information I found.  I still had not told him about the file buried in my woodpile.  Just then his dogs started to bark, first there was just one then all of them barked at some unseen force in the woods.  Cuka began to bark and run in circles; it was very strange behavior for the dogs. 

Mikal had never heard that sound coming from his dogs. Worried about their safety, he went outside to check on them. Not wanting to be left alone, I followed him.   Cuka came with us to the wood pile where the dogs rested.

We were no more than 40 feet from my house when a tremor shook the ground.  It was so strong that the structure I called my home caved into itself. We could have been killed.   I was really running scared now.   Was it intentional?  Was it just mother nature?  I wasn't sure but I knew I had to find out. 

Mikal got his dogs ready and we left for his house but not before I retrieve the bag from my woodpile.

The next morning, we both watched the local news hoping to hear of a possible earthquake.  Nothing. There was no report, no news of a shake so strong that it could bring down a house.

Mikal told me he knew of a guy, an MIT graduate who gave up on the world and moved to the outreach of Alaska.  Maybe this guy could help make sense of the papers I had.  The only problem was that his place was only accessible by sled.  And it was a 2-day trip.  Not knowing what I had in my hands I agreed to the trip.

The wilderness of Alaska has a beauty all its own.  The pristine snow undisturbed, glistened like a freshly polished diamond.  There was something tranquil about the silence of the snow coupled with the breathing of the dogs.  And Mikal’s kind voice urging the dogs to do their best.  Even Cuka who had never run before kept up with his pack.  It came natural to him. 

At night we would camp under the trees in a shelter that Mikal had fashioned from ice, snow and tree branches.  Here was a man who knew how to survive in the wild.  Here was a man that I felt so secure with.  It was almost as if we were forging a new frontier.  A new future. 

By the evening of the second day I was beginning to go stir crazy, the white snow that I at one time saw beauty in was beginning to drive me crazy.  It was then at that breaking point that I first saw the smoke rising from the horizon, Mikal said we were almost there. 

As we approach the settlement, I was surprised to find a glass enclosed building where the cold of winter never happens.  Tropical plants and exotic birds were everywhere. Mikal’s friend greeted us and welcomed us inside his compound.  The dogs were taken by the natives who would tend to their needs, all except Cuka who never left my side.

Anxious to discuss what I had; I began to blurt out what I had found.  But in the true fashion of the wilderness, I was cautioned to save everything until after we had time to eat and rest.  Mikal’s’ friend introduced us to his mate.  He mentioned that she would be available for Mikal if he so desired.  Strange I thought here this man offered us everything he had including his mate.  The wilds do strange things to people.

After dinner we retreated to a well-lit library where Mikal, his friend Thomas and I went over my story. 


Let me tell you about Thomas.  He was first in his graduating class at MIT, with a triple major.  Nothing had ever been done like that.  He also completed his studies in less than a year.  Mikal said that this man was the smartest person on earth. 

Thomas could not shut down his mind.  He needed solitude in order to make life seem normal. That is why he choose to live where he did.  There was hardly any stimulation out in the wilds. And there is where he finally found peace of mind. 

Thomas absorbed everything I said. I could see that he was listening to me and asking him self, "What if"? Nothing got passed his conscience or subconscious.  Thomas took one look at the information and looked up at both of us. I had indeed stumbled on something that was so phenomenal that even he was surprised.  It looked as if somehow, somewhere, scientists were indeed playing with the devil.  Did they create the ultimate weapon?  Were they controlling the gravitational pull of the earth?  "Damn it", he said, "They actually did it!"

He had worked on a project one time while at MIT. Someone was contemplating building magnets so powerful that they could tilt the earth on its axis and change the weather patterns.  But that was just an idea.

No one could control something that was as big as the earth. At least that was what he thought at the time.

Mikal and I knew that they would be looking for me, once they discovered they had no bodies.  He was sure they went back to my house.  He figured we couldn’t stay at Thomas’ that we had to move on.  Both of us knew that we had to get this information to someone.  Someone had to stop them!

But who?  We planned on moving on the next day, we knew it was a 3-day sled ride to the biggest town where we could catch a plane to fly us into Fairbanks. 

 We had to get this information to someone somewhere. 

The next morning, we bid Thomas and his mate farewell.  I somehow felt that I had put this man in danger. They gave us enough food to last for a few days. Mikal knew how to survive in the wilderness, so I knew we would make it to Fairbanks I knew Mikal and his team of sled dogs would get us there.

As we reached the horizon, we stopped to look back at the only trace of a true civilized world between us and Fairbanks.  Just then we heard a rumble and saw the compound being swallowed up by the snow.  Were they on to us?  Were we followed?  Or was this just a natural occurrence.  With the knowledge we now had we were not sure.

Mikal cheered the dogs on, it seemed that the longer we traveled the more energy they got.  There was such a rhythm to what the man and his dogs did together.  A couple of times we found settlements where we were welcomed and given warmth.  But each time we left, something happened, the people and villages were destroyed, vanished.  How could they find us, what was it that allowed these people to know where we were? 

Nothing we did could protect us from whoever it was that followed us and cause destruction.  We were always just one step ahead of them. Or were they just one step ahead of us.

We finally reached our destination, a small but well-equipped village that had an airport. 

Mikal arrange passage for us by trading his team of dogs.  This man believes in me so much that he gave up what he loved.  How could I ever repay him, how could I ever make it up to him?  Our pilot a veteran of flying the Alaskan Mountains told us that the weather was clear and that we would have no problems.  I wasn’t sure about that, knowing what I knew. 

Mikal hoisted Chuka into the plane first and then me.  He followed carrying the duffel bag that contained the missing papers. 

Once we were air bound, I took a deep relaxing breath.  I had just called my ex in DC and told him what I knew and where we were going.  He said he would arrange to have someone meet us there.  He never questioned me, he just believed me.  That was so unusual for this man who questioned my every move, word or thought.

We had about a half hour of flying time when it happened.  A freak storm the pilot called it.  Something that he had never seen.  He yelled for us to tighten our seat belts, and to hold on because the ride would be rough.  The plane moved and jerked and rolled.  I felt that we going to go down.  But the pilot assured us that knew what he was doing. He flew into the center of the storm where there was calmness.  Mikal and I questioned each other on how they found us, for we were sure this were not a freak storm but a plot to stop us from reaching our destination and telling the world what we knew. 

Mikal believe that I had some type of tracking devise.  Something I had on me.  I had nothing except my cloths and the duffel bag with the papers.  That’s it!  The papers, it had to be something in the papers! 



We started to look at each paper when a ray of sun broke through the clouds, just in time to revel a thin wire that was embedded on each paper.  Just like those new 50 dollars bills that the government printed.  This was how they tracked us!  This was how they knew where we were. 

The only way we could stop them from finding us was to get rid of the papers.  We had to throw them out, now. The eye of the storm was closing in on us and the Pilot was starting to have a difficult time controlling the plane.  Even poor Chuka was scared!

How were we to prove that these diabolical scientists where up to no good, what proof would we have if we threw out the paperwork!  Just as we were about to throw out the book one page stood out.  One that had the coordinates for Houston, Texas but what about Houston?  We didn’t have time to find out, Mikal threw out the book and within minutes we were flying above the storm.  In no time the storm settles closer to the ground.  It looked like clear sailing from then on in. 

We reached Fairbanks and got off the plane just as my ex-husband and a lot of military men approached us.  The first thing my ex asked for was the paperwork.  I told him we didn’t have it that it was lost over the Alaskan Mountains. 

Some military looking guy with a bunch of medals on his chest wanted to question us, but of course, not together.  They also wanted to question the pilot.  Mikal reminded me of the story we made up just in case we got caught. 

I was to say that we knew each other briefly and that I hired him to take me to catch a plane after my house was destroyed.  I wanted to return to D.C.  Mikal talked in his native tongue and called me a crazy white woman.  He said the pay was good, so he took the job.  I stuck with the story we had briefly made up, I hired him to take me. 

No, we didn’t date.  Yes, I knew him from the village, I bought my dog from him.  After several hours of interrogation, we were let go.  My ex offered to fly Mikal back to our little town.  He also offered to take me back to D.C.  I reluctantly agreed to go with him, knowing that Mikal and I would meet up again in Seattle in one week.  We had to find out what was so important about Houston. 

As I was getting ready to board the private jet my ex had arranged, Mikal came up and gave me a hug and wished me well, he also gave me a small pouch for Chuka.  He said that Chuka would miss the Alaskan mountains and that the pouch had some tree branches, leaves, and rocks.  I was to put these where I settled so Chuka would always have the scent of home and be kept strong. 

For all appearances I wished him well and thanked him.  I watched as he turned away and felt my heart get heavy.  I turned to climb into the plane when I heard a scream and the sound of brakes.  Mikal had just been hit by a speeding car!  Oh no I cried as I raced to him!  Please dear god, don’t let this man die!  Not Mikal! 

I told my ex that there was no way that I could return with him now. I had to be there for this man who saved my life. 

I climbed into the ambulance with Mikal and rode to the hospital.  The look on the paramedic’s face was not encouraging.  I did not understand what he was saying to the doctor on the other end of the phone.  I just knew that Mikal was hurt bad.

At the hospital I waited for hours while the doctors worked hard to save Mikal’s life.  I wanted so much to be near him, to hold him and to tell him I was so sorry for taking him from his wilderness that he loved so much! 

When the doctor came out to tell me that Mikal was out of surgery and that I could visit with him soon, I cried.  I was so thankful that Mikal had made it.  Once I got into his room, I thought of the pouch that Mikal had given me.  If it was to work on Chuka maybe it would help his recovery.  I open the pouch and let the contents fall out next to his pillow.  I was surprised to find a minidisk. 

What was this?  I reach for the disk just as my ex-husband entered the room and held it tight in my hands. I turned to him as he asked what I had in my hand, I told him I just emptied the pouch and pointed to where pebbles, leaves, tree bark and dirt laid.  If it was to help Chuka remember the wilds of Alaska and keep him strong, maybe it would help Mikal. 

Days passed before Mikal opened his eyes.  He was just as surprised to still find me there. How could I leave him, he never left me?  I waited until the doctor released Mikal, with warnings.  We were going to stay in Fairbanks until he was able to travel and then we would think about Houston. 

Of course, my ex-husband didn’t like what I was doing.  He tried to stop me.  I had to remind him that he was my EX husband.  He no longer had control over what I did. 

Not having any idea how to let the world know of this research better yet how to stop what ever they were going to do to Houston was troubling.  Mikal was more determined than ever to put a stop to this tampering with mother nature. 



One night on the local TV news we heard of a kid who had just gotten out of jail for hacking into the CIA computers. He had just served 4 years for something that started out to be a joke.  Once he hacked into the computer, he decided to fire all agents and erase all their vital information.  When asked if he would do it again, he said yes!  Government had to be controlled. 

That’s it!  This whiz kid, all we had to do was find him, and get him to hack into the computers and stop what ever was going to happen in Houston.

I spent the next 2 days looking for this kid and when I found him, I was surprised. He had this cherub face and a twinkle in his eyes that reminded me of Mikal’s’ friend Thomas.  I first had to convince this kid to listen to me and then to believe me.  After that all I had to do was convince him to break the law again.  Something that he said he would do to control the government. 

That was the easy part.  This kid was still on house arrest and could only leave if he went to look for a job.  I arranged to have Harry met us at the unemployment office where we showed him the minidisk and told him more about what we knew and what we felt was going to happen. 


That’s all we had a bunch of numbers and a feeling.   Did I forget to mention that one condition of his probation was that he does not touch a computer again for 5 years.  The cards were stacked against us.  But Harry had an idea.  He arranged for us to meet with his buddy, the guy who was really the one who hacked into the CIA computer. 

It seems that Harry took the fall for this guy, just so he could continue to raise havoc with big business computers. 

The four of us set up at the local library where computer usage was free.  And Harry had his cover, he was going to read.  Harry got a book and sat away from us, acting as our lookout.  While Tim hacked into the research lab computer, Mikal and I downloaded email addresses for every major television station on this planet. 

Once in, Tim was able to find commands that would explain what we were dealing with.  Houston was going to be the target for a major earthquake.  They estimate 0 survivors, and the rest of the state of Texas in shambles. 

While I worked at the research center, I only dealt with execution commands and did not know how to conceal the programs.  Tim was working feverishly interpreting the commands for the emails when he struck a firewall. 


There was a safeguard, we were caught!  The computer turned itself off and all access was cutoff, but not before we had a chance to transfer the data, we retrieved to over half the new stations in the world.  Just then Harry gave us the signal that police cars were pulling up in front of the library and there were suits with them. 

We got the word out, there was a conspiracy to control the weather and the tilting of the earth on its axes. 

We uploaded the contents of the disk to a website of one radio personality that dealt with government conspiracies, just as the suits and police entered the building.  With just minutes to spare the four of us walked out of the library past the police cars and into the streets of Fairbanks. 

Mikal and I never saw those two guys again.  We don’t know if we stopped them, we do know that we slowed them down. Tim and Harry vowed to never stop the pursuit of hacking into their computers and destroying coordinates.

We know that Houston would not become the target of their next experiment.  That radio personality that we emailed the information too, talks about this type of conspiracies all the time.  And this information was the subject for his show for many months after.

As for my ex-husband, he lost his high-ranking job in Washington D.C., and is now running a campaign for a presidential candidate.    Mikal and I still live in Alaska, he still races his dogs and I race after our two boys.  

I experienced a lot of firsts in Alaska, my first love, my first spy adventure, my first pregnancy.  MMMMMMMMM who would have thought.















Conspiracy, Government espionage, and murder was not in the job description.  Stumbling across documentation that indicates the government is conducting experiments on controlling the weather around the world and causing global catastrophes Karen and Mikal combine forces to stop the next experiment, the sinking of a total coastal region into the ocean.  Action, Drama and romance.



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