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  • Jessie Golden Earth Series by Annelies George - Series Review
Jessie Golden Earth Series by Annelies George - Series Review

Jessie Golden Earth Series by Annelies George

Is life on Earth about to be changed? The answer can be found in the exciting Jessie Golden Earth Series written by Annelies George, a Dutch author. In the five books fiction series you can read what will happen if change will not come. Set in today’s business world in a variety of countries and exotic places the author has cleverly intertwined fiction with the reality of everyday life combined with the mystery of the unknown, relating to life destiny, afterlife and the paranormal, resulting in a fast-paced, easy readable, thrilling, adventurous, romantic, yet mystical story that keeps you turning the pages until the  early hours of the morning.

I found it quite interesting to see how the author is trying to make a link between people’s behavior through centuries and the increasing climate changes and natural disasters occurring around the globe. Curious after reading the books I visited her website (www.anneliesgeorge.com) to discover to my surprise that George is an author with a mission. Through her work she would like to create more awareness about the important meaning and different aspects of love in our lives, supported by the interesting theory of Quantum Physics that is according to George the scientific proof that we are able to make a change.

At the moment there are two parts available in the series of five fiction books. I read both and was completely hooked from the moment I started to read. Both books can be read as a stand-alone by the way, but whether you read part one or two or any other still to be published book in the series, one thing is for sure:  the unexpected twist of the story will trigger your curiosity to read more about the fabulous Jessie Golden, the heroine of the series and the multitude of very well developed characters she’s engaging with.

In book one Quest to the Unknown we meet the main characters of the series such as Jessie Golden, a very likeable and kind personality that I could definitely relate to. She is smart, bright and tries to make a career as a journalist working for an international business magazine. Trapped in a long lasting relationship, she falls for the charms of an Italian private equity investor. Shocked by her cheating she ends her relationship. She’s single, but not for long. During a press conference in London she meets business mogul and womanizer Carlos Gomez. Soon after, she’s in a hot, steamy romance.

At the eve of her first holiday with Carlos she finds a manuscript alongside some notes and pictures that triggers her curiosity. It marks the start of her quest to the unknown, in the hope she can unravel the mystery around a psychic called Nancy and her son Paul, with whom Jessie has more in common than she could ever imagine.

Intrigued by the story of one of Carlos’ employees, she becomes very concerned about Carlos’ father. Together with Carlos’ best friend and right-hand man Ed Turner, Jessie tries to protect her now fiancé from the assumed evil intentions of her soon to be father-in law, entering the murky world of the mob. Who can she still trust and is everything indeed what it seems?  I will not spoil the end but I have to admit I didn’t see it coming!

At the start of book two Darkness and Lightthe story continues five year later with Jessie married to Carlos. Her marriage is not what she expected. Carlos seems to be changed after reading the will of his belated father. The will is quite peculiar. Although he is put in charge of his father’s company, the shares will remain with his mother for a period of five years and only then it will be revealed who will control the majority of the shares.

Due to an incident in Miami, Jessie’s quest to the revealing of her life destiny continues. In the Seychelles she encounters the harsh difference between darkness and light. A long lost letter reveals Carlos’ real intentions and quite confused about the sequence of events she reaches out to Nancy.  A speech finally sheds some more light in the apparent task that is bestowed on her, concerning the fate of the earth and the existence of the human race. Torn between staying loyal and married to Carlos whose rude and ever-changing behavior confuses her and the love for a man she once only met briefly, Jessie follows her husband to the CEO of the Year event in Italy for the finale of the book where all characters come together. The end is explosive with yet another surprise in the last chapter of the book.

So far I found the series a very pleasant and interesting read with likeable characters you can relate to and the usual bad guys you dislike. When you think you have it all figured out by the end of part one, you discover a whole different angle in the last chapter of part two, something I really liked. However, in some sort of way I do find the series unique in its kind. Although the author intertwined aspects of the paranormal with reality, it didn’t mess up the story. On the contrary: everything flows naturally and I would like to compliment the author with the way she managed to combine these different aspects into an amazing story with an underlying message. Particularly in book two George refers more and more to the weird weather conditions, so I am very interested to see where that leads to in the next book to come.

Annelies George is definitely an author to watch. She is very talented and her writing skills capture the reader’s attention from start till end, wetting their appetite for more to come. I admire the development of each character (and I can assure you, there are many in the series), hooking the reader as the story unfolds. I definitely would recommend the series to those who love to read engaging, interesting, fast-paced stories with unexpected twists. The Jessie Golden Earth Series not only is a phenomenal read, it also provokes thoughts and triggers your mind. I can hardly wait for the release of book three, The Prophecy: the seven disasters before the final Apocalypse, expected in 2020. An absolute must read! Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends author Annelies George and her remarkable Jessie Golden Earth Series.

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