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  • Tech Startup Meeting Hacks - How To Make It Impactful?
Tech Startup Meeting Hacks - How To Make It Impactful?
Written by
Olivia Taylor
23 days ago
Written by
Olivia Taylor
23 days ago

I wonder has anyone ever said, “I love meetings”? Probably no!

Still, effective internal communication helps in building committed teams. For your startup’s consistent growth, impactful meetings can be the “much-needed catalyst”.

However, in most cases we see that business meetings are often termed as “necessary evil” and it absorbs lots of valuable time without any productive outcome. Rather than seeing the meeting as an energizing experience, most employees think of it as something mind-numbingly unproductive. 

Even though it should go without any mention, still here is a reminder - “Just for the sake of having meetings, do not hold meetings”. It never does anything good or productive!

This is why I have come up with some meeting hacks that are effective for tech startups. Hopefully, these basics will add value to the team meetings and in turn, you can enjoy the fruitful business outcome. 

Without An Agenda, Meetings Become Aimless

If the meeting attendees are not sure about the purpose of the meeting and why they are attending it, in no time the meeting can turn into a pointless social gathering. Without clear objectives or clarity around what is expected of the attendees will simply kill valuable time.

Hence, before arranging the meeting, would be meeting attendees should be well-informed about the meeting agenda. Thus, the attendees will walk in there knowing exactly what is going to be discussed. And they will walk out of the meeting knowing exactly what they need to do next. 

Try To Keep It Short

You may have seen or experienced meeting and discussion sessions that seems like never-ending or goes on for an eternity. Sometimes it becomes so lengthy that the attendees even forget the reason for holding the meeting in the first place! This is not expected at all, right? So, try to keep the meeting sessions a tad bit shorter.

Here is a funny yet scientific fact - as per the report by “The Science of Attention”, 18 minutes is the maximum amount of time for focused listening. The globally popular show TED Talk series followed this rule and proved that constraints indeed breed sheer creativity.

If you see that the meeting agenda can be covered within 20 minutes, try not to extend it up to one hour or more! Many organizations prefer to hold 30 minutes meeting sessions which is pretty much an ideal time. 

You know there is an organization Tripping.com that has a penalty system for extending the meeting sessions. The meeting organizer has to place $5 in “The Beer Jar” if the meeting extends from the specified time. 

Optimize The Meeting Invites

To ensure increased productivity from team meetings, only invite the right people to it. Unnecessary people may get in the way. Also, too many attendees can result in an unproductive and slow process.

According to experts, at a decision-making meeting, the ideal number of attendees is seven. Attendees more than seven starts reducing the likelihood of making effective and fast executable decisions by 10%.

So, it is better to invite only the concerned ones in a decision-making meeting.

Stand Up Meetings

We all know stand up comedians, but now what is standup meetings?

Well, many organizations, especially startups are going for stand up meetings these days. The main objective here is the brevity. Hence, such stand-up meetings are typically arranged for ten to fifteen minutes. 

According to a research report, “Standing meetings may improve group productivity”. When people are on their feet, they remain more focused and it becomes easier to diminish other distractions. Thus, standup meetings lead to more creative and collaborative outcomes than the seated alternative. 

Rotate Meeting Leaders

Just because you are the tech head or the team lead doesn’t mean that every day you should lead the meeting. Depending on the agenda, you can rotate the meeting leaders. 

It will create some sort of enthusiasm among the attendees as each day someone new will get the chance to lead the meeting. Also, it will add a pinch of excitement in the “boring” meeting room. Such opportunities allow the presenting department to gather insights from others that could enhance the workflows of all departments.

Encourage Employee Engagement

Source: Giphy

When you call for a meeting and you are the only one who talks all the time or conveys what you want to say, even if you tag it as a “meeting”, it is not. 

Even though meetings have “open-door policies”, not all your team members participate in it. Maybe they simply have an introverted personality. Or maybe they have some poor experiences at their previous organizations. Maybe they feel demotivated as their inputs and ideas were never appreciated or acknowledged before. 

The reason can be anything. Now, as the meeting organizer, it is your responsibility to encourage their engagement. You can do a Q&A session after each meeting. Though I have seen employees who don’t speak out even if they have any doubts! 

A Bonus Tip

You will see many team members are so engaged in their smartphones that they give zero attention to whatever is being said. Obviously, not everyone does so. Still, not allowing mobile phones in the meeting room can be proved to be a great decision.

This “no phone” policy has twofold benefits - better cognition and improved health. Tech employees already spend long working hours staring at a digital device. According to doctors, the blinking rate decreases during this time. So, even if it is for fifteen or twenty minutes, entering a “power-off zone” can be good for their eyesight. 

Also, it will allow employees to think freely without any distractions and will keep them engaged.

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