How to Create a Content Strategy for a Small Business

In order to stay ahead in this online arena, it is imperative to design a remarkable content strategy. Content is now considered as one of the important factors in the marketing campaign. Today, brands need creative and well-written content to create their unique identity in the digital world.

If you have just started a small business set-up, this article will guide you on how to plan your content strategy. Here are the five essential steps that you should follow while creating content strategy for your small business:

Plan Your Strategy

The first step is to plan everything and make up your mind.

  • Decide Objective and Goal

The first thing you need to do is decide your objectives and goals. Make sure to keep your objectives are specific and always make SMART goals for your strategy.

S - Decide specific goals

M- They should be measurable and not vague. They must be quantifiable.

A-Your goals should be achievable. Decide goals that are real.

R- Goals must be relevant and have a perfect direction.

T- Make a timeline for achieving each goal.

  • Use Goal Tracking Tools

Use a goal tracking software that is free to use and helps in your content strategy such as Dapulse, float, and Shareit. The first two help in managing your work and delegating tasks to your team while the third one is used to find the best content for your target market. For instance, if you are in a carpet cleaning business, you can type Carpet cleaning Guildford in the search bar and you will find relevant content easily. 

  • Know your Competition

Gather as much knowledge as you can about your potential customer, the current market trends and the threats that are present in the market.

Decide Your Marketing Channels

There is no use of generating great content when you do not know the smart ways to market it. Keep in mind that there are varieties of ways to showcase your content. Gone are the days when content was only marketed in written form. Now brands are moving towards videos, infographics, and pictures.

You should know the correct use of each marketing channel in order to get the best from your strategy.

  • Website

You can use your website for marketing with a vlog for content marketing.

  • Social Media Sites

You have multiple social media sites to market your content. Go to Facebook and see how people are doing it through videos, viral posts, pictures and articles. However, it is advisable to avoid too many social media sites. Stick to a few of them and put your complete efforts.

  • Online Ads
  • Online Ads are also a useful tool for content marketing. You can use text ads that are displayed on top of the search engine page. You can also use banner ads that will display only the banner and will take the person directly to the website.

Be Smart in Search Engine Optimization

Everything will go useless if you do not use the latest search engine optimization techniques. It actually helps the search engines to display you when people search for something that is related to your business.

You must be aware of the Google algorithms and should know the ins and outs of each SEO technique. SEO is not magic and cannot give dramatic results in one day. You need to be consistent in your work. Finding the right keywords, generating creative content, hitting the right target market, and using creative link building are some of the smarter ways of search engine optimization.

SEO tools are also free and you can use them easily. For instance, you can use Google AdWords for finding the right keywords to be incorporated in your content. However, keep in mind that the keyword density should not be more than 2%. Use only white hat SEO if you want to remain in the market and not to be kicked out by Google.

Make sure to generate content which is readable and useful for the readers. Rather than useless words, try to give meaningful content which a reader enjoys. Google wants the readers to gain knowledge from each line they read. Thus, generate your content in a simple yet informative manner.

Observe Your Traffic

Whether you have high or low traffic on your website, you should know the source of the traffic. Which marketing channel is bringing the most traffic and from where it is essential to know. In this way, you can make changes to your strategy.

If traffic is low you can make a change and then track again to know if the change was effective or not. For this, you can use the Google Analytics tool, which is free to use. It will provide you a code that you will enter on your web page. Now, this tool will track all the traffic coming to the page. It will also tell the time people spend on the page and where do they go next. People are now using mobile phones for searching. This tool will track even mobile phone users.


Brands that are now standing at the top-notch positions made several mistakes in the past. All they did is to keep on taking feedbacks and revising their strategies accordingly. Thus, feedback from customers is the key to success for all successful brands of the world.

This will tell you what your customers like and what they want from you. Try conducting short and useful surveys to take feedback. Make a feedback box so that customers know how you value them and develop a good relationship with them.


Creating a content strategy is not a one-day process. You have to follow the whole methodology to reach your target. Make sure to give enough time to your content strategy and always keep a room for change. Keeping yourself updated with the latest digital trends and new rules of the Google algorithm are some of the biggest factors of your content strategy.





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