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Educational and Creative Kids Room Decor Ideas
Written by
Nina Simons
January 2020
Written by
Nina Simons
January 2020

Parents want to give their children a beautiful room where they can play, learn and feel safe. After all, the environment in which a child grows is imperative for their healthy and proper development. This is why a kids room needs to be comfortable and fun at the same time, like having a pirate ship for a bed. 

There are many things that you can do on a budget to give your child a room that will spark joy and curiosity. From themed designs to details like bedding, you have an abundance of educational and creative kids room décor ideas to choose from. And here are some of the easiest and most popular ways to get you started giving your child the room of their (and your) dreams.  

Storage ideas can be fun

Children's rooms tend to get messy with all the toys, books and games lying around the floor. But tidying up doesn’t have to be something children reluctantly do, but rather a tool to teach them to recognize colors and shapes. If you have toddlers, it’s a perfect opportunity to help them develop their cognitive, motor and emotional skills through creative storage ideas. 

Build low shelves in the corner of the room and encourage them to store their toys and games there based on color and size. This will help them to learn shapes, names of items and recognize colors, but also how to be responsible for their things and take care of them. On the other hand, you can use differently colored boxes each designated to store a certain type of child's things. For example, blue can be for board games, green for toys and yellow for coloring books, paints and drawing sets.

kids room storage box

Themed kids room décor ideas

Themed rooms are usually the first thing that comes to mind when decorating your child’s space. However, it is also one of the most commonly changed things in kids' rooms depending on their interests and age. But that can't replace the contribution themed bedrooms bring into the education and development of a child. 

For example, a nature-themed room will teach your toddler about animals, plants and different types of habitats like forest and ocean. Giving them a sci-fi themed room will make them curious about science like astronomy, physics, and mathematics, as well as even literature. Of course, being comfortable in their room is what matters the most and will inspire their eagerness to learn. So, a simple teepee with lots of cozy pillows will give them personal space to read, draw and even take a nap.

Educational and creative decorations

If you are on a tight budget, there are wonderful decorations you can use to make your kids' room more educational and creative. A map of the world where your kid can write the name of countries is a great way for them to learn more about different cultures. An alphabet display is perfect to learn the letters playfully especially if you assign a picture corresponding to each of them. 

Try some of the rearranging decal sets that will allow your child to play with objects on the wall. For example, try aquatic themes or solar systems which are both educational and fun to move around the wall. A themed road floor mat is great to play with cars and you can easily remove it after they are done or simply leave them on as a carpet.

kids room creative

Creative bed ideas

Today, you can have a kids' bed in any shape and size thanks to acknowledging the importance it has for the child's development. Even kids bedding with geometrical shapes, animals and different colors will encourage them to be inquisitive and curious. For example, roadworks sheets will inspire them to ask questions and learn the names of all the vehicles pictured, as well as their purpose. 

A bunk bed with space for play underneath is perfect for small spaces. It can be your child’s special place to draw and play with their toys, but there is also enough room so their friends or you can join in. This is also a wonderful reading nook or an ideal spot to do homework after school. 

Gift them a drawing wall

Kids like to draw. It brings out their creativity and gives them the means to express themselves. And since kids love to use walls as drawing canvas, why not give them one?! A drawing wall is something parents are encouraged to provide for their children to support their expressiveness and cognitive development. And the best thing about it is that you can wash off the drawings when they are done and give them a new canvas to paint again.

Choose one wall in the kids' room or a section of it that will be designated for painting and drawing. Paint it white and give your kid washable felt pens, but make sure they know other walls are off-limits. Alternatively, use blackboard paint on which they can paint with colorful chalks and erase it later with a damp cloth. If the room is on the smallish side than hanging a drawing board or large paper may be a more practical solution to support your child's artistic tendencies.    



Designing your kids room can be fun both for parents and children. Think about what they can learn from their environment and find ways to inspire their curiosity and need to learn about the world. Make sure that your décor ideas are educational and creative since even the simplest details can encourage your child to explore their surroundings.     

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