How I Wrote My Second Book
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
November 2019
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
November 2019

My debut novel: Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock was published in 2015 and since then I attempted to write a new book. I tried writing in different genres, had plots, and characters, beginnings and middles(written) and endings (not written) and I stopped and  rewrote and started again or didn’t write at all for months. Intuitively, I knew something in my writing was not right, wasn’t mine, I often felt as if I was telling someone else’s story, to which I could not relate and wasn’t interested in putting it to paper, no matter how hard I tried, how enthusiastically I sat down, opened my laptop and typed those words that didn’t feel real.

It all started to change only when instead of writing another fiction novel, I suddenly found myself writing about my personal experiences, forming into semi-autobiographical essays, short stories, vignettes… They weren’t easier to write, it wasn’t an easier path to choose; yet, it was different and most importantly, it felt true.

How I wrote my new book?

Unexpectedly fast, zooming out of everything around me, diving into the reality I only wanted to exist in: inside the book I was writing. Maybe it sounds naïve, but I think, we write our stories exactly when they need to be written, not in the past, not in the future but in the now.

I’ve self-published my new book You Will Have a Black Labrador, on Amazon several days ago.  A mixture of fiction and creative nonfiction, this collection of short essays is about love, memories, family, enduring friendships, cooking, movies, dogs, travels, hairstyles, and saying Yes to many No’s…    

As much as it still feels slightly unbelievable or surreal to me, there it is, that new book, its yellow cover gleaming, starting its own adventureous  journey.

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