Help! Editors and publishers and agents, oh my!
Written by
Lauren Jordan
November 2019
Written by
Lauren Jordan
November 2019

Hello fellow writers!


I've spent the last few months editing my 93,000 word historical romance novel to the BEST of my ability. 

I don't have the money for an editor, and this is the first novel of a series. I've done extensive research but feel very lost! Most publishers will not accept a literary work from a new author with no agent/editor. Self publishing is not an option at this time, as again, I don't have the funds for proper editing.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a publisher that would give my novel a chance? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


LJ Jordan


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    Hi Lauren, Just thought we would offer a few quick tips from the She Writes editors. We know what a nerve-racking and exciting time this can be and understand the early days where you are bootstrapping. Here are a few ideas: 1) Peer edit: See if you have any qualified friends who would be willing to read and provide feedback. 2) Offer a trade: Maybe you are good at building websites and there's a new editor who needs one. Think of services you could exchange with an editor just getting started freelancing. 3) Query agents: It's true you likely won't reach a publisher on your own, so the other option is querying agents. Your draft should be clean, but they will understand that it's not perfect. We hope this helps! Good luck.