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  • Small changes to your beauty routine that will benefit your health
Small changes to your beauty routine that will benefit your health
Written by
Helen Bradford
November 2019
Written by
Helen Bradford
November 2019

We all dream of waking up with healthy and glowing skin, without too much effort. Even though it can hardly be achieved without any effort whatsoever, it is possible to attain a vibrant and luminous skin with some small adaptations to our lifestyle. These changes refer to our food choices, water intake, beauty sleep as well as skincare routines such as exfoliating and moisturizing all the way to choosing makeup products wisely, exercising regularly and protecting your skin from the sun. Continue reading to find out more about the simple tips to enhance your natural beauty.


1.Make lifestyle changes: food, water and sleep

Small steps that will transform your skin forever include making some lifestyle changes that concern the food you eat, fluids you drink and the quality of your sleep. Eating a balanced diet is very important for maintaining a healthy skin colour. Studies that were conducted proved that people who consumed more fruits and veggies had a more golden skin colour. This was due to carotenoids, substances that give natural produce its pigmentation. To obtain a natural glow, consume plenty of fruits and veggies for their vital nutrients. After all, we are what we eat. As long as we stay healthy on the inside, we’ll look healthy on the outside as well. It’s also highly important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. This helps flush out the toxins out of our bodies. It also works on increasing our skin’s elasticity. Another essential lifestyle change we should consider is our sleep. Beauty sleep is quintessential for the beauty and health of our skin. We should sleep every night for 7 to 9 hours, preferably on our back.

2.Maintain a regular skincare routine: exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important process of our regular skincare routine. It is essential as it removes dead cells from our skin, preventing clogging of our pores. Our skin produces new cells daily and the old, dead ones tend to sit on top of our skin, making it dull, dry and flaky. This means that before moisturizing, you need to exfoliate once or twice a week. Only after you have removed the dead skin cells from your skin, you are ready to hydrate your skin and apply a moisturizer.

3.Maintain a regular skincare routine: moisturize

After exfoliating, the next step is skin moisturizing. Experts say that the best time to moisturize your skin is within three minutes of leaving the shower. This is so because, contrary to popular belief, moisturizer doesn’t add moisture to the skin. Instead, it traps the water in the pores and prevents it from leaving the skin, keeping it hydrated and moist.

4.Choose makeup and cosmetic products wisely

When talking about choosing the right makeup and cosmetic products, we should consider carefully all the features. We should keep in mind that everything we apply to our skin should be natural and organic. Our skin is a sensitive organ and if we’re not careful with the products we expose our skin to, we can end up with serious health and skin problems. One way you can avoid this is by switching to vegan cosmetics and choosing products from companies such as Zuii Organic, which offer a wide range of certified vegan products. Their product selection includes different products for our face, lips, eyes, cheeks and body care.

5.Exercise regularly

Exercising is an important aspect of our health, both physical and mental. It also brings benefits concerning the beauty and purity of our skin. Exercise increases our blood flow, which eventually makes our skin look radiant. How does it actually work? Blood flow takes nutrients as well as oxygen to all parts of our body, including the skin. It also helps in eliminating free radicals and waste from the working stations throughout our bodies. One of the biggest advantages of exercising is that it flushes out the cellular debris from our body. It works well on reversing the aging effects of our skin – this should be motivation strong enough to start exercising if you haven’t started already.


Incorporating these small steps into your everyday routine doesn’t take up much of your time, it does require some effort and money but the results are totally worth the while. Try it!

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