How to Find a Writing Mentor
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November 2019
Written by
She Writes
November 2019

Everyone needs a little guidance on their writing journey. While researching writing advice, attending writing classes and talking with fellow writers can help the process along, the best thing to do when you're in need of guidance is to find a writing mentor. With this in mind, we have rounded up some of the best ways to find writing mentors both online and in-person.

Online Writing Groups

The easiest way to connect with your fellow authors and find a writing mentor is to get involved with online writing groups. This option ensures that you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to find writing help and converse with fellow writers who want to give you feedback and improve your writing. The following are a few great online writing resources that can lead you to finding your perfect writing mentor.

Absolute Write Water Cooler

A popular forum that is heavily moderated, the writers in this space are accepting of writers from all genres and the members enjoy giving feedback to one another. 

Camp NaNoWriMo

This free online writing boot camp runs prior to NaNoWriMo in November and allows writers to learn from online courses as well as connect with other writers gearing up to write their next book.

Critique Circle

Another free online tool, Critique Circle provides guidance to writers as well as forums where you can connect with other writers and get feedback on your work.

The Next Big Writer

This online outlet is a great space for writers looking for writing mentors because they specialize in helping authors get their drafts ready for publication. For less than $9/month, you can access a large community of writers who will guide you, give you feedback and answer your questions.


Another online service that costs $9/month, Scribophile is one of the top writing groups for those looking for feedback, mentorship and even beta readers. This subscription also gives you access to writing workshops that will improve your writing in the long-term.

In-Person Writing Workshops and Retreats

Another great resource for writers are in-person writing workshops and retreats where you can fully hone your craft. Not only are these great places to learn more about developing your story or pick up new advice, but they also provide you with the opportunity to meet a fellow writer who can help mentor you through the process of creating your own story. While some of these workshops and retreats will set you back financially, they're a terrific resource and can improve your writing in a multitude of ways. Try researching workshops and retreats in your area and get to building new writing connections.

Researching Authors

Google is one of the greatest tools of our modern-day and can help you find a writing mentor in no time. Start by researching authors in your genre or authors that you admire. From there, you can try reaching out and forming a connection so you can talk about your writing and work with one another. While this technique requires the most work and effort, it's worth it if it means finding a writing mentor in an author you enjoy or admire.

Mentoring Services

If you are at your wit's end and cannot find a writing mentor organically, it may be time to look into mentoring services. Some mentoring programs are free while others require you to pay for them but either way, this is a surefire way to find a mentor and get writing advice now. From free programs like Girls Right Now and AWP's Mentorship Program to paid programs from individual writers and professionals, there are many services available to writers and you can find the program that's best for you through a simple Google search. 

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