.the threshing floor.

refer to wiki, copy, paste and arrange, so the pattern becomes a shape

words change, become rearranged


contains a root and a suffix. that suffix has undergone numerous changes, for people try to identify it with some word that could make sense to them. what remains unclear is not this process but the semantic leap.

we are missing the moment at which the threshing floor, however primitive,

began to denote the entrance to the room.

or the beginning of another world, another

phase in life


board marks the holding place

stopping the grain spilling outside


floors came slightly sloped to stop

the water piling, to keep the seed



for seed it is and healthy

unless dampened


note the firstborn here

who tasted before

and died


so we move forward

colder now the door is closed

a while


he said he was amused, and she

explained that he probably meant



to remember this so not to offend


words change; meanings lost until

we look again




the doorway




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