My Christmas Wish List
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December 2019
Written by
December 2019

December has arrived. It is a time for reflection, family, friends, and frenzy – whatever holiday we may be celebrating. I personally celebrate Christmas in my home. The holiday brings reminders of long held traditions and special memories. The tree goes up and the ornaments come out. The lights sparkle and carols play in the background. Memories abound as each ornament is carefully unwrapped and lovingly placed on the tree. I pop in the movie Miracle on 34th Street and reflect on those special “intangibles” that Fred Gailey cherished. It is those very “intangibles” that top my Christmas Wish List again this year.

Kindness The world sometimes feels like it is spinning at a more continuously rapid frenzy. It often appears that people have lost touch with one another and the commonalities we share. I want to embrace the goodness of humanity and the happiness and support we can provide to one another.  I appreciate the little kindnesses bestowed by others and work to spread kindness to others as well.

Joy This year has brought so much unnecessary strife and painful loss to so many. The anguish cannot be ignored or forgotten. Yet I want to maintain my childlike belief in the goodness and the wonder of things unseen – things like Santa Claus and the Christmas Story. I want to be one of those who help to spread that joy and perpetuate the positive. I would like to help soften the edges of the difficult experiences in life. If only for a moment, I want to help put joy into someone’s life each day.

Love Most importantly, I want to cherish every moment with my friends and my family – whoever and however that family came into my life. I want them to know how much they mean to me and take time to make new memories with each of those that I love. I want to embrace the love for our fellow man that is palpable during this season and carry that feeling in my heart each day of the coming year.

And what about you my dear readers?

What is the holiday that you will be celebrating this year? What are the special traditions that you most enjoy? What will be at the top of your “wish list” for this holiday season?

Wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate, may your heart and your home be filled with the kindness, joy, and love of the season and gratitude for all those special things that you hold dear!

Happy Holidays to you all and my sincere appreciation for all  your continued support!

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