Find yourself!

Life is not that difficult to understand. You just need to look deep down into your soul until you be able to realise what really matters to you. Stop living by our society’s made up rules. Stop believing on everything that you see in social media and stop worrying about what people will think or say about you. Believe me, I know how difficult it is but trust me, all you need to experience in this life is the love for your soul and the searching for your inner self.

Sometimes is really hard to understand what is going on in our mind and heart. I’ve been trying to understand for too long. I’ve been trying to live my own life since I was little. I felt really tired many times but now I am waking up a little bit day by day and focusing all my energy to do what brings me peace.

To Find yourself is not easy peasy but it’s not impossible… what works for me and maybe can help you too is:

Step one

1 – Write in a piece of paper everything that is good in your life, everything that you have including people that you love;

2 – Now, go through your list and pick up only what you judge that is more important and relevant;

3 – Choose just 5 things on this second list that you think that you can not live without;

4 – Now you just need to read your top 5 and you will see what your beliefs are

Step two

Now that you know what is valuable for you, try to do the same but just about your personality and body…

1 – Make a list with all your qualities do NOT even think about “defects” because they don’t exist;

2 – Describe your body and write down everything in a positive way. If there is anything you would like to change in your body, you can write but also put in bold WHY you want to change this.

3 – Now just ask yourself questions, as in you are meeting someone for the first time, for exemple: your name, your age, your favourite colour, favourite food, music, place, your hobby… LITERALLY have a chat with yourself.

So now you know what your beliefs and qualities are, now you know who you are and everything that makes you be you. Seems silly but if you do it for real, you will understand what I am trying to say here.

Now, go FIND YOURSELF and discover how wonderful you are!

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