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Best Haruki Murakami books to read in a lifetime
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December 2019
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December 2019

Haruki Murakami, a 29-year-old Japanese man was just an ordinary jazz club owner until he decided to write. The Kafka award winner was inspired to write his first novel, Hear The Wind Sing in his mid-twenties while watching a baseball game. Since then, the Japanese novelist has never looked back.

Who would have thought that the person with no prior writing experience will take the readers to the whole new fictional dimension with his writings one day?

Murakami has written 14 novels in the genre of fantasy, fiction, realism, magical realism, and surrealism. Along with novels, the famous Japanese prodigy has produced numerous short stories that have been bestsellers in Japan as well as in the international market.

Standing in the list of The Guardian's "Great Living Novelist" for his works and achievements, we are here to list some of his greatest works he has written. You can try out finding it with amazing discounts on Books with Amazon Offers available Online.

Here, we are with the list of best Haruki Murakami's books you should read in your lifetime:

A Wild Sheep Chase

In 1982, Haruki Murakami published his third novel, A Wild Sheep Chase which turned out to be a critical success in his writing career. The author dangling between modern Japanese and American middle classes hit the right chords at that time.

Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase turned out to be a real success not because of its youthfulness but also the book explored Japanese cultural identity which made this book somewhat political too.

The book binds you till the end and will keep you on the edge of the seat as you turn the pages. Also, Murakami was awarded Noma Literary Newcomer Award for A Wild Sheep Chase in 1982 after the release of the book.

Norwegian Woods

It was the year 1987 when Haruki came with another masterpiece which might have made his popularity gone wider and wilder at the same time. The Japanese author came up with a really tight and compelling story of Watanabe Tōru.

While listening to Beatles cover, "Norwegian Woods" in a bar of Germany, Toru reminisces about his past when he develops relationships with two entirely different women. The nostalgic story of loss and sexuality, Norweigan Woods is set in the late 1960's Tokyo.

This book made Haruki Murakami an overnight star- Another power of his writings among youth.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Known as the first-person narrative writer, Murakami came up with a fusion of realism and fantasy in The Wind-Up Chronicle.

Unlike previous ones, this book created more buzz socially as the book kissed the parts of war crimes in Manchukuo, North-East China. The work is a study of sex, violence, and collective memories lost and regained.

 The novel was not only applauded by the critics but also Murakami was awarded the Yomiuri Literary Award by his former harshest critic, Kenzaburō Ōe. You can buy The Wind-up Bird Chronicle and can grab the chance to subscribe free of cost with the latest News.

Kafka On The Shore

Following to the previous success, Sputnik Sweetheart, Murakami came up with a total metaphysical mind-blender- Kafka on the Shore.

This time the author played between two distinctive stories with interrelated plots moving along with each other side by side.

The story runs back and forth between Kafka, "the world’s strongest fifteen-year-old boy" and a mentally ill old man, Nakata. Kafka on the Shore leaves you stunned at times when you read about Nakata talks to cats and predicts about raining fishes and leeches. The book is containing several riddles and Murakami says that the secret to understanding the novel lies in reading it several times.

Along with the critical and social success, this book has been awarded World Fantasy Award for Novels in 2008 and the book holds a spot The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2005.


When Murakami's 1Q84 hit the bookstores, the surreal narrative first printing was sold within a day itself and a million copies in a month.

1Q84 is a three-volume dystopian novel which covers the fictionalized the year of 1984 in parallel with a "real" one.

The book is a complex and tight set that looks hard at the tension between political and religious ideology and the inner soul of the individual.

Like his previous works, this novel too entertains his first-person narrative which grips its readers with contemporary Japanese culture.

The book also was placed on number 2 spot in November on Amazon's top books of the year. Along with that, the book was later longlisted for Man Asian Literary Prize in 2011.

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