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  • I've Never Met A Dead Person I Didn't Like by Sherrie Dillard
I've Never Met A Dead Person I Didn't Like by Sherrie Dillard

I’ve Never Met A Dead Person I Didn’t Like: Initiation By Spirits by Sherrie Dillard


The extraordinary travels of a young, alone and broke psychic. The heart-warming and adventurous true story of a young woman on her own at age seventeen, broke and surrounded by talkative spirits that don’t want to go away. Living in-between the physical world and the spirit realm, yet feeling a stranger in both, Sherrie Dillard criss-crossed the country by bus, train and hitchhiking in a search for answers. Along the way she was led to help the poor and homeless on skid row, install water systems in Mayan Indian villages, live alone in a tent in the mountains and make art with juvenile offenders. It was in these diverse environments that she came face to face with saints, angels and dark spirits and learned to trust her psychic ability. From her early secret encounters with spirits who guided and ultimately saved her life, Sherrie Dillard finally accepted that what made her different and odd, was also her greatest gift. I’ve Never Met A Dead Person I Didn’t Like, is a powerful story for anyone who listens to – or doubts their own intuition and the presence of their loved ones on the other side. Even in our darkest hour, in the depths of loneliness and overwhelming challenges, divine guidance and miracles are always present.


Beautifully written, this book has it all: spirituality, exploration of the physical and spiritual realms, adventure, and self-discovery. It moves the reader along at a rapid pace, never bogging. Its pages pour hope and inspiration. K.C.

I absolutely loved Sherrie Dillard’s memoir and I couldn’t stop reading it late into the night. Dillard’s journey takes you to fascinating places that you couldn’t imagine. She shares so much of her life with the reader in a truly relatable way. I’m thankful for books such as “I’ve Never Met A Dead Person I Didn’t Like.” This memoir illustrates how powerful the memoir genre can be when well written. The author’s profound experiences and insights are truly worth sharing with the world. D.H.

I could not put this inspirational memoir down. Sherrie Dillard’s story should be heard. She has suffered abuse as well as personal growth. I can’t wait to start reading her previous books. J.L.

Sherrie’s story is so compelling. She had hills and valleys in her childhood, and even though she could see and feel spirits from the other side, she tried to push them away because she wanted to be “normal;” she always felt she was on the outside looking in. But whenever things in her life got really bad, she would call on them and they would lead and comfort her. She finally realized they were the one true thing that had been with her all along. This intelligent story explores the often controversial world of the “other side” and the afterlife and one woman’s struggle to accept her gift and then embrace it fully. C. G

A life affirming upbeat book, not one I would normally read but one I found I enjoyed. Easy to read and follow and one you don’t want to put down. S.M.

GREAT Book!!! A fast read all the way to the end! Through the details of her painful past and through her courage to find her voice and truth, so relatable and so honest! The advice her guides gave to Sherrie and her work at the end was wonderful! Thank you for sharing and being you!!! B. C

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends I’ve Never Met A Dead Person I Didn’t Like: Initiation By Spirits by Sherrie Dillard.

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