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This blog was featured on 12/19/2019
The 8 Best Ways to Support Fellow Female Writers
Written by
She Writes
December 2019
Written by
She Writes
December 2019

She Writes gives women writers a platform where we can connect, and when we show support and lift up one another, we can not only grow, but thrive. We spoke with some of our favorite authors and asked about what they do to support their peers.

Here’s what they had to say!

Lisa Tognola, the author of As Long As It's Perfect

“I enjoy supporting other women writers by buying their books and also by sharing resources. I went for a walk last week with a local SWP author and it was fun to ‘talk shop,’ share our hopes and fears and brainstorm about how we might collaborate together someday.”

Kendare Blake, the author of Five Dark Fates

“I buy the books, I read the books, I recommend the books to people I think would also like the books. And within the community, I just try not to be a butt. And to be there if someone reaches out for help or advice. Or a safe space to rant.” 

Emma Donoghue, the author of Akin

Don’t let the biases of the book industry make you take men’s books more seriously than women’s, when it comes to reviewing/prizes etc. Check you’re including women whenever you’re asked for a list of book/film/play recommendations. Don’t ask a writer who happens to be a mother, ‘But who’s looking after your kids while you’re on tour?’ Try to avoid asking a writer who’s a woman any question that starts ‘As a woman...'”

Shari Lapena, the author of Someone We Know

“Reading each other, giving shout outs when you really love a book, and helping each other network are the best ways. Networking is so important. If you see something you love, you can suggest your agent read it, or an editor. You can suggest people for festivals, readings, events—ways to help them get more exposure. And of course, lots of encouragement because writing is often difficult.” 

Adrienne Rubin, the author of Diamond and Scoundrels

The only way to support other women writers is to buy their books and encourage others to do so as well.  We should go to libraries to mention our books to librarians, visit bookstores to search for our books, and write honest online reviews whenever possible to boost one another’s sales.”

Deborah Tobola, the author of Hummingbird in Underworld

Buy their books. Attend readings and book signings. Recommend them to others. I’m one of those people who sends really good books to friends and relatives who I think will connect.”

Catherine Aponte, the author of A Marriage of Equals

"I always look first for women writing in whatever area I am reading. I post on Facebook about women writers, as well as women who create in all fields.”

Diane Dewey, the author of Fixing the Fates

“I teach female classes at a local school for underserved populations and love to be available to read another women’s work when I’m asked. Usually, to the astonishment of the writer, there is much to praise. This is another thing about women—our innate inferiority complex, which comes as no surprise given our historic placement deficits, but that sense of being lesser needs to be actively rooted out.”

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  • Lyn Jensen

    This isn't an article about eight ways to support women writers. It's eight women writers telling us, in different ways, to buy books by women writers.