4 Easy Steps to Safeguard Your Eyes Against UV Rays
Written by
Kimmie Watson
December 2019
Written by
Kimmie Watson
December 2019

Our eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body and of course the most important medium for us to experience this beautiful world. Keeping all these in mind, it becomes of utmost importance for us to keep our eyes safe and healthy. But, are we taking enough care of our eyes when being exposed to UV rays? Probably not. 

There are obviously many sources of UV rays but as we all know, sunlight is the greatest UV source and also the one we are most exposed to. Eyes coming into direct intense contact with UV rays are at a very high risk of damaging the eyelid and hence prone to cataract. Once the cornea gets affected, it may sooner or later block the vision. Hence it is necessary for all of us and especially for the people who mostly work outside in the sun, to be aware of how to protect their eyes from UV rays. 

Let's have a look at some of the best ways to protect eye damage against UV rays:

1. Wearing blue light coating glasses:

When out in the sun, wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes is what we all do, but wearing blue light coating glasses is what can help us. It simply acts as a shield for our eyes and apart from making us look cool, it keeps our eyes cool as well. It hence prevents us from the adverse effects of blue light which sun emits and ensures the safety of eyes.

2. Using UV protective glasses:

UV protection means blocking the ultraviolet light from reaching our eyes and that’s what UV protective glasses exactly do. These glasses block most of the UV rays hitting our eyes. It's possible to block 99 percent to 100 percent of the UV rays using these glasses and hence protecting our delicate eyes from any damage. 

3. Use prescription glasses:

Anything prescribed is itself an assurance for safety. So those who wear prescription glasses, it would be the best practice for them to wear the ones that come with UV protective coating.  Most materials used in the prescription eyewear helps in blocking some of the ultraviolet regions of the spectrum. 

4. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat: 

UV rays can strike our eyes from various directions. A wide-brimmed hat or cap can help in blocking about half of the UV rays. A brimmed hat or cap can also limit UV rays that hit the eyes from above and around the glasses. So using a hat when going out in the extremely hot sun can prove effective in protecting eyes. 

These are some of the best and easy to follow ways or methods to ensure the safety of our eyes against the UV rays. Anyone who values a gift as precious as eyes can never miss out on these safety tips to keep one’s eyes fully functional. Once we have our vision protected, we can freely roam outdoors without being concerned about the sun and its UV rays.

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