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  • How To Write A Perfect Essay-According To MY Personal Experience
How To Write A Perfect Essay-According To MY Personal Experience
Written by
Natalie Strong
December 2019
Written by
Natalie Strong
December 2019

Belonging from the academic community, writing an essay is undeniably the most frequent thing that an individual is asked to do. Not only students but the researchers are also required to write an essay a few times. However, the level of complexity in writing an essay will increase as you gradually progress through your school life to professional life.

No matter how much knowledge you possess sometimes it is difficult to write your perspective in the form of an essay. This is because an essay is not just a person’s thoughts in the written form yet it is a composition in which all ideas are presented in a well-structured format and all sentences are correlated with each other. Also, an excellent composition must be able to not only grasp readers’ attention but should be grammatically correct and referenced properly.

Writing is definitely not a piece of cake and is, therefore, extremely difficult for a person who is not good at expressing thoughts in written words. In every educational institution regardless of academic levels, essay writing is considered a vital requirement to be awarded a degree. Due to this reason students are more dependent on several unethical online essay mills that rely upon the essay writing inability of students.

In these circumstances, writing articles or research papers has become more challenging than ever. Even many professionals who have to write reports that are almost identical to an essay for job purposes also face similar struggles. To resolve this issue some of the tips are given below that may facilitate you in writing your essays.

Before writing an essay, it is necessary to analyze the topic, its requirements and the targeted readers. If you are not sure of the type of essay after analyzing the topic then we are here to help you. Below is a list of different types of essays from which you can choose what type is suitable for your topic.

  • Expository essay: This type of essay require lost lots of explanation. You need to do extensive research to complete your essay. The cause of effect essay and reflection essay also comes under this type of essay. I know this sounds overwhelming but it is easy once you start working on it. You can divide the essay into different parts and then search for data for every part so that you do not end up with all the burden in the end. 

  • Descriptive essay: This type of essay offers a detailed analysis of a specific event or object. To make this type of essay more captivating it is recommended to use several tools such as metaphors, analogies, and personifications.

  • Narrative Essay: This essay is the most interesting one. It tells the story of the writer and therefore is easy to write. As who knows you more than you know yourself. So you do not have to perform a thorough search for writing an essay.

  • Compare and contrast essay: In this essay, the writer has to explain the similarities and differences between people, locations and events.

  • Persuasive/argumentative essay: This essay aims to convince the reader regarding the reliability of the topic being discussed. This essay requires a collection of factual data that can support the thesis statement provided by the writer.


Analyzing and pondering after selecting the essay type of your topic is one of the most important steps. This step serves as a pillar for an excellent essay. At this step, you have to make an outline an outline and then a rough draft in which all the data collected will be divided according to different parts mentioned in an outline. When you reach the body of an essay divide the bullet points into chunks and use them in introducing sub-sections. After this using appropriate reasoning and examples explain the subsection but do not forget to link each section with the previous one to achieve coherence.

Content Filtering

Every online article suggests that for writing an essay first step is to select a topic. However, in reality, most people are already aware of the essay topic and all they need is a good starting point to start an essay. The main issue that most people face while writing an essay is the lack of coherence while putting their thoughts into sentences. Additionally, most of the teachers put a limit on the word count that makes it more difficult for people to write as they end up with either fewer words or too many words. A simpler solution to this problem is to first collect data and then make bullet points. After making points filter out the most important ones according to the teacher’s instructions and word limit. It is necessary that while searching data for an essay you should always refer to the most recent reputed publications and pick out critical points that are related to your essay topic.


Many essays are based on the topics that require facts that are listed in the credible and peer-reviewed research source. Not only facts but some important definitions or materials are also used from several published research papers. It is, therefore, necessary to mention the source of all the materials and facts used in your essay. References are listed within and at the end of the essay. Several referencing styles are available such as APA, MLA or AMA, etc yet which one to use depends upon the instructions provided by your instructor. The guidelines of all the formats and referencing styles are available freely online. Additionally, several websites are also available that facilitates you in putting references in your desired format.

Utilizing online tools

Despite following the above-mentioned steps people still find it hard to and think that I cannot write my essay. Although many people like to write an essay yet the reason for their hesitation is not having command over the language and proper writing techniques. Fortunately, several online tools are available that may facilitate you in writing error-free essays more efficiently. People often struggle with grammatical mistakes so in this case, we have a solution for you that is Grammarly. This tool serves as a solution to all your grammatical errors you do not have to worry about punctuation as well as this tool reviews your works and corrects it to a great extent. If you are looking for a more advanced tool, then you can use essay typer as this is an artificial intelligence-based tool that facilitates you in writing your essays or articles from scratch. This tool has the ability to gather and organize the data from the internet that is required for your essay and it helps you with paraphrasing the information gathered. 


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    I'm sorry to say I am having trouble reading this article because the word choice is often ungrammatical. The very first sentence makes no sense: "Belonging from the academic commnity..." The article continues in the same vein, with sentences that are very difficult to understand because of their poor word choices. As a longtime writing teacher, I would not accept this paper as finished. .