Buying or Reading?
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
December 2019
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
December 2019

   Our home libraries are filled with books that we read and loved, the ones that had a deep impact on our lives, that introduced us to the magic and joy of reading, and there are books, wonderful books, great books, that for some reasons we never read, never found time for them, and so they stayed on those bookshelves desperately hoping to be read.

   I haven’t thought about the journeys of unread books until I didn’t start writing myself, until I realized that one of the strongest, the most emotionally rewarding experiences for the author is when your book is not just bought, but read. Are we, as authors sending the right message to readers when our books are out there, whether traditionally or self-published? Do our rigorous efforts to promote our books really land them from physical and online bookshelves  and bookstores into the hands of real readers, and what happens next? 

  Do we want our books to be sold, or, to be sold and be read? What is our goal? I think the answer is obvious; most of all, we want our books to be read, but sometimes, I’m afraid we do forget about that, while galloping through gigantic amount of information available on book promotion tactics pouring on us from an online space today. While for us, as authors, buying may already mean reading, it's not always the same for readers, there's one tiny, but a very important step they have to make from buying a book to actually reading it, and that tiny step, which we can't oversee, is exactly what we're most anticipating as writers.

  Maybe we can’t follow the passage our books make from bookstores to the homes of the potential  readers, and nevertheless, it’s the interconnection of writer and reader established through an intimate  experience of reading that matters; it’s the feedback you receive from a reader that completes the cycle, it’s their thoughts, their impressions and emotions while reading, that makes your efforts as a writer worth it.

 It’s utterly pleasurable to know your book is sold, bought by someone, but when it’s read?  I think, that’s when your book, your story is truly alive and breathing.  



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