• Happy New Year, She-Writers!
Happy New Year, She-Writers!
Written by
January 2020
Preparing to Publish
Written by
January 2020
Preparing to Publish

My hope for the new year is that we embrace our work. That we find innovative ways to share our work. That we build bigger audiences that embrace our work with the same fervor and energy we have put into our writing.

I hope we not only pat each other on the back more often, but that we actively seek out what inspires us about each other. More than anything however, I truly hope each and every one of us adopts a genuine love for reading. I have my sights set on a world full of genuine readers who crave world-class storytelling.

...But, don't STOP writing...wink wink.

Much Love to you all. Bring it On 2020.

Happy New Year.

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