Rubber Bands and Resolutions
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January 2020
Written by
January 2020

It’s another new year and with your permission, I would like to begin 2020 by sharing a story from a friend. It is about rubber bands and resolutions. It’s really a tiny experiment and you will need an assistant. Now, get ready for a little bit of fun-and perhaps a bit of insight as well!

Pick up a rubber band from your office, your kitchen junk drawer or from that wilting celery you may have in the fridge. Have your assistant stand across the room from you. Be sure to forewarn them that the rubber band will be flying their way! Pick up the rubber band and throw it as far as you can across the room aiming for your assistant.

How did you do? Even with a powerful throwing arm and a strong determination, that rubber band will fall limply at the feet of the recipient and have absolutely no impact on how they-or you-go about your day. It will not change any behavior or attitude in any way – aside from your target thinking you're a bit daft!

Let’s do it again! Retrieve the rubber band and take careful aim. This time first stretch that rubber band taut and then let it go! Faster speed, higher velocity, and noticeable impact! Perhaps an audible, “Ouch,” from your assistant!

And now you ask, what is the point?

The point is that the rubber band represents our life and our life options. Even when all is going well and according to plan, like the flaccid rubber band, we make little impact and no change on the world around us. We offer and create no resistance. We float with the tide, but we make no ripple in the water.

However, the moment we determine to “stretch” ourselves and move beyond our comfort zone, we have impacted the trajectory not only of our thoughts, actions, and expectations, but those of all whom we encounter. We create and invite change into our lives and we begin to grow in new and unexpected ways.

So here is my challenge to you as we embark upon the year that is unfolding. Shake yourself loose, stretch yourself taut, and give yourselves permission to fly – like your second rubber band – in powerful new directions!

See what happens! Enjoy the ride! Bask in the glory of your achievements! And do share what you discover on your journeys! Happy New Year to all!

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