Written by
Patricia Lang
January 2020

Seeking shelter, Squirrels hid in the attic and why not;

But the noise’s maddening – they were “asked” to leap within the aught.

Clasping a piece of fruit in its fingers the Squirrel sought

To turn it, taste [it], bit by bit, “unraveling the knot”.

A Squirrel chased another up a tree – attitudes fraught.

Their thick tails undulate; was an imminent fight the plot [?]

After burying a nut in the earth a Squirrel ought to remember

Where that nut… (Is what we do all for naught?)

A Red-Tail Hawk swept low across the grass, what havoc wrought –

Motionless, the Squirrel pressed against the tree trunk, fear fought.

The scream’s nonstop [!] Squirrels in the trees, the whole lot

Were mourning the lost that an unknown disaster brought

The wiry Squirrel’s a survivor, an instinct not bought…

When in doubt, meditate; focus, while jumping into aught.


I found this word, AUGHT. I was intrigued by it, especially by the definition ALL. That’s why I decided to try to write about what I know about squirrels (the above is all true experiences). 

Aught – pronoun / AWT

Anything, All, everything

When I read this poem to Housemate he remembered AUGHT as being THE VOID.

Hmm. Well the ALL and the VOID could be the same thing! 

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