Written by
Patricia Lang
January 2020

She’s evergreen

Forever serene,

And I ask: Do all perennials

Cultivate Hope?

Evergreen, lean on me,

Innuendoes of life seen –

Haden Eon:

Been there, done that.

Tsine, Ravines, Evergreen

(Malay Archipelago)

Rumble, End Scene…

Does this wild Ox anticipate

The Push?

(If we decide not to go, are we UNticipating?)

Fluttering raindrops

The small birds preen

Keen evergreen

To be bright in the sunlight.

When the cat steps out --

Early morning stroll --

Is it excited; evergreen?

Teeth chattering, hunter’s cry, OH MY;

I’d swear her eyes sparkle in the Dawn.

A new day


EVERGREEN – 1.  retaining freshness or interest (perennial).  2.  universally and continually relevant, not limited in applicability to a particular event or date.  3.  having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season.

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