Making A Full-Time Living While Being a Single Mom
Written by
James Robinson
January 2020
Written by
James Robinson
January 2020

The majority of American citizens are married with children. This is not everyone, but the majority of women still have the stereotypical family.  There is increasing single mothers in the United States and it is only rising. Over 1 in 4 children are living with a single mom in the Unites States and the rate seems to only be increasing. Some parts of the country are better than others but in general the numbers are staggering and don’t seem to be improving. This doesn’t mean that being a single mother is bad, but that it is hard, and it is widespread. Mothers are often spread thin trying to teach their children to be responsible adults while still providing for them. You also are not looking for something very high risk, you want something that can give you an acceptable living so that your kids can have some consistency and an improved quality of life. Here are a couple options that mothers to be able to make ends meet for mom.


Getting an Education

As difficult as it can be. If you can achieve any level of additional education. It will give you a significant edge in the market and make you more valuable and be able have a flexible schedule. One of the best possible options is to be a teacher. You have already developed the needed skills from raising your child/children to connect with the kids that you teach. There are lots of options, you can be a full-time teacher, a substitute teacher, teacher’s aide, paraprofessional serving in the classroom. There are lots of kids who need a little more attention and they are always looking for a little more help.


Another great option is to work in the healthcare field. I don’t mean going to become a doctor or physician. There are lots of really great paying jobs that allow you to get a basic education quickly and begin working for a competitive rate. Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Healthcare Aids, Lab technicians, even Phlebotomists. These are real skills that the market desperately needs. This education is not as difficult as it may seem. You don’t need to move into on campus housing, you may not even need to go to classes to get that education. There are many great online health and nursing degrees that allow you to take the classes on your own time and at your own pace that way you have a real shot of making it happen. The good news about both of those options are that the hours co-inside with school hours so you will actually be able to work.


Striking Out on Your Own

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It can bring with its significant risk and challenges which you may not be interested in. If you are then being an entrepreneur can definitely yield some decent results. This is a very broad topic that could be talked about extensively. There are a few lower risk entrepreneurial ventures that you could still get involved with that can make a big difference for you.

There are lots of basic services that people don’t want to worry about that can easily be outsourced to you. There are lots of little tasks that don’t require industry skills but just take some time that you can do for many people and businesses. For example you can be paid to write blog posts, write products descriptions, transcribe podcast episodes, proofread and edit documents, or come up with business names and slogan. There are services like this that don’t require anyone real abnormal knowledge but are things that people don’t want to do that they are willing to pay for. There are lots of websites where you can do this like,, and many more. This is definitely something that is worth looking into.


There isn’t any one special answer as to how you can accomplish everything that you need. It can be difficult being a single mother, nonetheless there are many ways you can make ends meet if you get a little creative.


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