Featured Author: ILHAM ALAM

Featured Author: ILHAM ALAM

Website - Iguana Books: http://www.iguanabooks.ca/authors/ilham-alam

Her debut published work, Wonder Walk, was published by the small hybrid-press Iguana Books in Spring 2019. It is a children’s picture book made for early readers. It is available at all the major book retailers to include: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Apple iBooks, Kindle & Kobo editions, Waterstones UK and many more.

Her blog is called Story Mummy, where she reviews picture books of both traditionally published and self-published authors. For authors who would like to have their book(s) reviewed and promoted on her social media channels, please reach out to her at: https://www.storymummy.com/

What sets your book apart from all others?

I think what sets my book apart is its rhyming words and the book being about a simple and  everyday bonding activity among families: taking a neighborhood walk & talking  about all that a parent and child sees. For the adult readers, when they read it to the little ones in their life, they can think back to their own childhood and the time they spent with their loved ones, doing simple things, laughing and being silly.

For the kids, Wonder Walk is something they can relate to. This book is ultimately about bonding but also has a lot of humor in it. Parents and children alike will also enjoy this book because of its bright illustrations: Little Johnny in Wonder Walk has these HUGE googly eyes!

Who is your target market, who should be reading your book?

Parents, relatives and guardians of young children. Wonder Walk is most appropriate for kids 5 and under.

What advice do you have to offer in support of other authors?

Keep reading different genres and keep learning as many things about the creative writing process and the author marketing strategies, as you can. There is always information that will be new to you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money as an author to engage in continuous learning. You can listen to a lot of podcasts and read books on writing and fiction too.

What are your future writing endeavors? What’s next on your authorship agenda?

I am working on a psychological crime thriller. I know, it’s quite out of left field, on the opposite end of the spectrum! But this thriller involves a parent and child relationship as well- that is all I will say about it. Needless to say, this is not going to be a kid-friendly work.

Indie/Self-Published Author and/or Traditionally Published? What do you favor more and why?

I would be an indie author as my book was published by a hybrid press. The best way to describe the more recent model of hybrid press is that they are in the middle. In the context of Iguana Books, they worked closely with me to shepherd my book from the moment I signed my contract all the way to the first days after publication, just like a traditional publisher would. However, Iguana does not provide marketing services for its authors except for advertising it on their website and social media channels like Facebook & Twitter.

What do you hope to accomplish with your literary creation? What change or enlightenment do you want to bring about in your reader if any?

I hope that readers enjoy and laugh along with Wonder Walk and that they take the time to stop and “smell the roses” when they are out and about with their families. It is so important to take the time to observe your surroundings, to spend time in nature, especially in our increasingly busy and online-based lives.

What’s the greatest compliment that you ever received regarding your literary accomplishments and what did this remark do for you, how did it transform your life or your writing?

In grade 6, my homeroom teacher, whom I still deeply respect, said in front of the class that I would likely go on to become a writer and that she looks forward to buying and reading my work one day. This really began my love for writing as I discovered that I was good at it and I was not the only one to think so.

If you could ask a question of your favorite author of all time, what would the question be?

I would ask someone like J.K. Rowling or George R. Martin- how do they even keep all the threads of their multiple major characters together????

What have you sacrificed, if anything, to be a writer, or to write as you do?  What have you gained from writing, how has it rewarded you personally?

Well, it is always a wonderful and proud feeling to see your book in the hands of readers and being enjoyed by readers who are not your friends and family. I will say writing and publishing definitely did help me in getting my current job, as in my current role at one of the most globally-renowned universities, I do a lot of writing, lots of content creation and social media branding.


Picture Book, Wonder Walk, Now Available Get Your Copy Today

Blog: StoryMummy

Instagram: @storymummy86

Twitter: @IlhamAl50397575

Iguana Books Author Page: http://www.iguanabooks.ca/authors/ilham-alam

Facebook Author Page: @ialam22


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