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“Everyone is free to choose any destiny they wish. The only freedom we truly have is the freedom of choice”.  So, you can chose to believe in whatever you want; or not. by Vadim Zeland.

I don’t know too much about religion to be fair, but I do know that when I was born my parents took me to the Catholic church to ‘’present me to God” by doing christening. And as the time was passing by and I was growing up, I learned how to pray on my knees, near to my bed with my hands together touching my heart. I have learned that when you are praying you are talking with God, and you can ask him for anything you want, but also, you need to say thank you for what you have in life. They told me that God is everywhere and He can see and listen everyone and everything at all times.

If you think about it – without using the word RELIGION, it is a beautiful and amazing thing. I was fascinated by the fact that I possibly could have ‘’someone’’ that is invisible to my eyes but is there with me anywhere I go. As a kid I understood that following this way of thinking and seeing God, I will never be alone. I am not going to talk about the Bible, even if I want to, I don’t know too much about it. I don’t believe in the Bible, maybe not on the same way you do. I see it as a wonderful philosophic and spiritual awakening book, where we can be touched by the analogue of the very intellectual thoughts shared.

There are those who does not believe in God, they don’t necessarily have no faith, maybe they just don’t believe that the universe has a creator. Are they really wrong? What if there’s not a creator but a creation itself instead? Sometimes it feels like the use of the word God – generically – is a deep searching for meanings and explanations; answers. And for each question we ask that we can’t find a “reasonable” answer, the answer is “because God made this way”. We still do not have an answer for the question, but we do have an answer to full fill the need of knowledge. Is like the Brute Fact – a fact that has no explanation. Well, I do believe in God, but in a different way.  

Since young age I feel that there is something else other than what society teaches me everyday. I always felt a connection between me, my inner self and the universe. I used to pretend that my inner self – back in time when I was 11 years old, I called imaginary friend – was always talking to me and giving me advices, listening to me and with magic, helping me going through everything during my day. I actually had long and deep conversations with “him”. Yes, as a kid for some reason I thought it was a masculine figure. Its was very interesting for me to have this experience, I felt alone sometimes but every time I felt down, I used to close my eyes, take a deep breath and “call” my friend/inner self. It was so calming and peaceful that whatever was going on with me, I could just let go and move on believing that everything was going to be ok. It ALWAYS worked!

It is interesting to see how our minds and thoughts change, but also how our perspective evolves showing us different angles of the same original thought. Now as a grown up woman, I understand that everything that I was doing as a kid, was meditation without knowing. I was increasing my vibration in order to change my reality on that present moment. But the beauty of it, is that it was so easy and magical because kids are very pure human beings.

My point here is; maybe you believe in God, maybe you give him another name, or even believe in more than one. Or you believe just in a big energy or maybe you don’t believe in anything at all. It doesn’t really matter, because you have the right to believe in whatever you want to believe. But if I could say something with 100% of confidence is that: “Everyone is free to choose any destiny they wish. The only freedom we truly have is the freedom of choice” by Vadim Zeland.  So, you can chose to believe in whatever you want; or not. What matters is to trust in yourself and that you can do it, you can be, you are worthy and never be afraid to be who you really are, the raw you.



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