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  • Perfect is Just Prefect Spelled Wrong-One Woman's Realization That She Needs to Let it Go
Perfect is Just Prefect Spelled Wrong-One Woman's Realization That She Needs to Let it Go
Written by
SJ Lee
January 2020
Written by
SJ Lee
January 2020


For some of us Homo Sapiens out there-for various reasons I'm sure-the journey towards feeling free to creatively express ourselves seems never ending.  We may wonder if we'll ever truly arrive at our desired destination.  The journey can feel long, arduous, treacherous, and full of twists and turns.  Oftentimes we're not quite sure we're going to make it.  The road some times ain't paved with gold.

Hello.  My name is Hopeless Dreamer, and this is my creative block confession.  Ah yes...I can hear a chorus of hello's and welcome's from the onlookers in the back.  Hey ya'll, hey.  

Where have I been for the last few months, you ask?  Well, if I told you I'm sure you wouldn't believe me.  I CAN say that while I was away I learned a great deal about myself.  Fact.  Ya girl is creatively blocked and clogging up fast.  You want to know a little secret?  I know precisely why it is that I'm locked up creativity jail.

I could go on and on boring you with the details, but I'll spare you.  For now, lets just say that the lesson was hard won.  But I am ecstatic to finally understand why I had been singing the "I can't express myself blues" (sorry Madonna...it's harder than it seems).  I had been singing that song for so long that you might as well have handed me the copyright.  Well, now I know.  What now?

Well, mama's got a brand new lease on life!  It's a brighter day, and I'm dancing to the beat of a new song.  I've contemplated what it means to me to be a creative.  What am I into?  What makes my heart want to sing?  What makes me want to put pen to paper?  That's what I asked myself, anyway.

I'm here to shout that I've finally found the secret in the seasoning!  Tomorrow sure is looking rosy!  Dear Self, my work DOES NOT have to be perfect (maybe it never will be).  It certainly doesn't have to be perfect before I even know how to play the game.  There is beauty in the imperfections.  There's joy to be had in the mistakes along the way.  At least, that's what I'm learning for myself.

Write, sing, draw, craft!  Do so because it makes my soul sing.  If I never show my work to another single person, that's okay.  I can just enjoy it because creativity makes my hairs stand on end with giddy abandon.  That's what I intend to do from now on.  If another set of eyes and ears enjoys my work then oh what a treat that is.  Of course, there ain't no shame in the "getting better at my craft" game.  But hey, I've got to actually START somewhere. 

Embrace the mistakes along the way.  Dust of the perfectionism.  Have a little fun.  Flex those creative muscles.  Who knows where the ride will take me?  

P.S. Remember to just do it and to laugh along the way.

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