To blog or not to blog

There it is, my first blog, perhaps my first url? Out in the ether.  As you might notice it was November 6, 2012, and as my memory takes me back it was a short month later that I was under the knife, in front of a neurosurgeon to attempt to fix my cervical spine.  It worked wonderfully (touch AND knock wood).   Well without further ado...


To Blog or not to Blog?

Welcome -

Honestly, this is a little scary.  I write in private.  Most, if not all, of my writing has been thus far - for me.
In real life, I am a gregarious and extremely outspoken person.  However, my writing life evokes my hermit-able (I hope I made that up) side, the side of my soul that longs for solitude.  I begin this blog in hopes of bringing my separate lives together.

In fact, for months I have tried to come up with a fitting blog name.  My original idea was "To Blog or not to Blog?" Then, "The Occasional Blogger" came to me which I figured might be more appropriate since I'm not certain how often I will blog - if I will blog at all - or if I will have anyone following my blog?  

After pondering over the juxtaposition of privacy and blogging, The Private Blogger was born.   

Now off to vote I go...


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