I stumbled across this quote today:

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what your age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within you and new beauty waiting to be born."-Dale E Turner

Then, author Anne Lamont's words rang in my ear...and go something like this: When I'm eighty I'm not going to give a damn if I can fit into my jeans, I'm going to hope I'm sitting among the books I've written and can smile about all I've done.

I've missed my writing studio...I've been cycling a lot (even a little too much) however, sitting, blogging, being in this space, it's just lovely.  It's a warm cozy place where I'm surrounded by books I have read, wish to read or re-read, and novels I have begun to write again.  As it grows colder outside, the bike beckons me less and the warmth of my writing space calls.  There just does not seem time enough for everything I love...

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