A little electricity never hurt anyone?

A little (not a lot) of electricity slowly ran through my veins from the very long needle that was pushed into my spine, at the base of my neck.  The needle only hurt a little as I recall but I will never forget the feeling my brain sent to my sight receptors. After it was over I asked the doctor who administered the needle if anyone ever told him that they could see the dye moving through their veins?  "No." he said inquisitively. "I did" I said.  "It was the moment the dye must have been injected, it seeped through my spine up and over my brain, or through my brain, it ran down my neck, check, similtaneously through both arms and shot out my finger tips all while I could see the blue dye running through the twisted narrow veins."  "WOW" he exclaimed.  He seemed in shock, I thought it was crazy cool. He explained how the dye was injected into my spine and that it does course throught the nerves so that he could see on the MRI machine where I had degeneration in my neck.  That shot was given to me in late November, 2012.    

Today, January 26, 2020, after waking up and going in our breathing room I had a similiar sensation while meditating.  I was breathing in "love" and breathing out "peace" and after what only seemed like a few minutes a wave came over me. It pulsed through my system like the dye, however I do not know where it came from, but it was a wave of an idea. I was a little perturbed that I wanted to stop mediating and write the idea down on paper. Thankfully, one can always meditate, but ideas float off sometimes as fast as they come.  So I wrote... and wrote and wrote.  My writing and sketching brought me to researching the idea and now as I sit to write this post, I have risen from my writing only 3 times in the past twelve hours.  The day has come and gone, and I have read, written, sketched a bit, researched a bit and read some more.  What a great day! 

My take away, when the idea presents, write it down! 


(a similar post to the beginning of this was originially written at: http://theprivateblogger.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-little-shock-therapy.html should you wish to read the original post! I'm going to now.  Ah, more reading!) 




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