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How to Do (and Use) An Audit of Last Year's Writing Achievements
Written by
She Writes
January 2020
Written by
She Writes
January 2020

Keeping up with your writing goals can be difficult. Sometimes you get to the end of the year feeling as if you didn't accomplish everything you wanted to. Instead of getting down on yourself for the goals you didn't achieve in 2019, take an audit of the amazing things you did accomplish through your writing during the year.

Audit Last Year's Writing Achievements

You won't know how much you accomplished in 2019 unless you give your own writing an audit.

  • Calculate your word count for the year
  • Re-visit the edits you made in 2019 that made your writing better
  • Come up with an average time spent writing throughout 2019 (three times per week? five?)

Tracking these and other writing-related accomplishments will make you realize that you have achieved more than you gave yourself credit for. Now that you know what you're capable of, it'll be easier to challenge yourself in 2020 to meet your new goals.

In 2020:

List the things you learned last year that you can apply to this year.

There's always room for improvement and assessing the work you did last year will help you grow more as a writer this year. Write down a list of the lessons you learned last year in your writing that you can apply to your writing this year.

If you feel your achievements were low, set a strict deadline for beating them quickly this year and you'll already be off to a better start.

There's no better time than the present and if you were unhappy with your achievements in 2019, it's time to step up to the plate. Instead of kicking off 2020 feeling stressed about what you didn't accomplish, use that energy to set strict deadlines and check things off your list more quickly. 

Document which writing times were most productive and capitalize on your most productive times.

You know yourself better than anyone and when you're analyzing your writing accomplishments from the past year, it's important to note the times when you were the most productive. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Did you find yourself getting the most done over the weekend or during the week when you had a set schedule? Did NaNoWriMo help you kick your writing into high gear? Once you figure out your ideal writing times, you'll be able to capitalize on those moments in 2020 and get more done.

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