Shh... I'm Writing
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
January 2020
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
January 2020

I may be wrong, but  I think that writing as a profession is sometimes regarded as ephemeral and rather intangible, as long as people don't see immediate successful results from you. Whereas, for you, the simple fact of just writing is an achievement on its own. That what drives you, what makes you want to move further, what motivates you to write better. Writing as I observe it, is quite discreet as a process. It's unseen, it's very inward even when you put words on paper, it's difficult to describe and rarely something to shout out about especially if you're at the very early stages of it. 

''How can you stay home all day, what are you doing? Don't you wanna grab a coffee and chat? " My close friend sounded defeated the other day as her plan of taking me out for an afternoon drink evaporated after my firm refusal, stating that I had to write.  A loyal friend that she is, she understood, leaving me struggling with my muses, leaving me wondering whether I'm just hiding beneath my writing, or do I really want to write? 
I do often hide. I hide because I don't know how to explain without offending my close ones that staying home and writing, or even pretending that I'm writing is what I want to be doing, that home is the most comfortable place and an environment for me, it's my office, where I work, where I 'go to work' almost every day, just as people of other professions go to their offices and where, although I'm spending much of the time alone, I don't feel lonely at all; on the contrary, my home, is the only place I want to be at, while writing. 

 Why is writing often seen as something easy to postpone, an activity easily changeable in favor of any other  "pleasurable" ones?  Something, you can get back to afterward? For me, that turns to be the hardest part, the interruption. I love the momentum of writing when you're so immersed in the process, you forget about everything else, but once I'm distracted my self-discipline shreds in pieces.
I guess to a large extent it's because as an author,  you're your own goal-setter, and you're only accountable to yourself on how productively you spend your time on writing or whether and how you set your own priorities until you learn how not to sacrifice your writing time to anything else and to not feel guilty about it.



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