Written by
Patricia Lang
January 2020

Dedicated to Nolan –


When my energy evaporates and I am lackluster,

I wonder if I’ll ever “cut the mustard.”

When a fledgling first jumps all she can do is mutter—

Strength gathers, though, bird ninja, Wing Master.

An Owl’s Talons are its bandoleer;

Guns holstered, while the Owl sleeps…dream’s stratosphere.

A Hare in its Warren; a child on a banister—

Slip sliding away, a Rabbit’s “tablature.”

Life in the Wilds can make a heart flutter,

Like the Mockingbird who scolds a Hawk – AVATAR.

In regards to nuts, a Squirrel’s quite a scavenger;

leaping from tree branch to tree branch – true traveler.

Waking you up, I see in your eyes, Thunder:

Although scary, it’s better than lackluster.



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