Is This Really My Rose?
Written by
Karoline Lucas
January 2020
Written by
Karoline Lucas
January 2020

I bought a home a year ago. When I finally got divorced, we had to sell a home we mutually a result, I bought my own!! It was like a blessing in many ways...since I never thought I would own a home. Not only is it in an older well established neighborhood, but it has a pool and a fenced back yard. I really didn't want to live in a "cookie-cutter" neighborhood with HOA's and all sorts of "keeping up with the Jones" type attitudes/perspectives. This home was an "add-on" at the end of seeing several others...the realtor and I said "why not"?--it was in the same area we were looking anyhow. When we walked in, we were pleased with the interior, no doubt...but when we walked out into the back yard?...OMG! I was in heaven! The realtor and I looked at one another with our mouths wide open. It was not anything fancy...but there was an inground pool with a deck/patio surrounding it...and the back yard had a privacy fence. I was sold! I didn't even care about the rest of the house...although it was nicely redone and painted and all!! I even asked the realtor in disbelief, "do you really think I could get this"? He was  certain he could make it happen with the help of a good friend who was a mortgage broker...and the rest is history...(well, a year's worth at least)! 

I had bought the house in December...and by spring, I noticed several blooms popping up all around. I had Camelias, Azaleas, Gardenias...and my favorite...Roses. The previous owners, and many before them...had obviously done some landscaping and gardening. I spent a lot of time out in my back yard just waiting to see what might pop up next...I was like a kid. I walked around the house; back yard and front yard...snapping pictures of my latest discoveries. I couldn't believe, and still can't blessed I was. I came from never thinking I'd have a home that was having a home that surpassed any of my expectations; and it's not even that fancy or big. I can sit in my back yard for hours, especially when the weather is nice...and just enjoy the beauty surrounding me, as simple as it is. 

I am happy and at peace when I am looking at the flowers. I threw down some wildflower seeds, not knowing if they'd even grow...and sure enough, they did. That spring, I had bumble bees and butterflies all over my wildflowers. I was so happy watching them. There's something about nature that just makes us feel nice inside. I guess when we deal with the hustle bustle and "busy-ness" of every helps to sit in quiet contemplation watching nature's and God's creations at work. They are not man made...they are masterpieces of nature. 

I have to say that this life event of buying a home, has been very positive. It has made me well aware of how important it is to have good people helping you along the journey. I can't say enough about the realtor and mortgage broker that worked with me, telling me exactly what to do, what not to do, when to worry, when to not worry...etc. I needed frequent reassurance that I did deserve this, and "no", no one was going to come knocking on the door asking for the key back!! I was a mess at times!! Even pulling into the neighborhood and down my street...when I see my home coming's like "this is really is mine"! 


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