Dealing with Post-Publication Blues
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
February 2020
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
February 2020

When your book is finally published, there comes a point when you may feel empty; your once flourishing self-esteem drops to its lowest point and instead of thinking that you’ve done something meaningful, it suddenly appears that all your efforts, all your achievements are questionable and minuscule. Suddenly the hipe of pre-publication is over and you realize that not everything is going as planned,  that the work is not over, on the contrary, it has just started. 

  In the rush of wanting to be acknowledged successful and well-established as authors, I’m afraid we’re forgetting small things, or in other words, we're forgetting those little joys of tiny achievements, that may not be visible for others but are important for us in our day to day lives. 

We’re often so driven and focused on the personal scenarios of our writing careers in our heads, we’re so longing for validation and praise of our work from others that we forget to pay attention to good things as if they don’t matter and are completely out of place in a long-term picture of our soon to be thriving writing lives, but before your book hits the New York Times’s bestseller’s list or receives any of the awards you dreamed of, there are tiny achievements, little steps you can allow yourself to be happy for and celebrate, focus on things happening, even if they don't seem mega important for anyone else but you.  

Do you have positive reviews? Why not feel good about it? Have you written a new blog that started an interesting thread on twitter? Got responses from readers? Isn’t it enough of wonderful news to start your day with? Have you gotten new friends on Goodreads shelving your books? Are you planning to have a virtual book tour? Have you written a new chapter of your new novel or polished your short story? Allow yourself to stop in that self-imposed race for something bigger and enjoy that!  Because the truth is, you don’t really know whether that “breakthrough” is ever going to happen so why not celebrate what you already have? I’m not saying that we have to give up on our biggest, most ambitious, even unrealistic dreams, I’m just trying to say that we can enjoy small things that we achieved up until now, that now, today, this very moment may be the most crucial, and we have to see it and enjoy it, rather than rave about the future.  

I’m trying to switch to that positive mindset, and I won’t lie,  it’s not always smooth and easy. There are many days when  I feel I have failed. I’m still figuring out how to be in the present, treasuring the moment and not to think that my tiny achievements are insignificant. I’m trying to learn not to compete with myself and how to beat the “post-publication blues”. So, for anyone out there feeling the same here are several things you can try to cheer yourself up as a writer.

  • Write a blog post;
  • Review of a book you liked;
  • Find a time and read that new  book on top of your TBR file;
  • Read something funny, a short story;
  • Make a new Pinterest Board about your book, or your dog, or your dream house;
  • Plan a virtual blog tour;
  • Connect with fellow authors on social media;
  • Write even a paragraph a day;
  • Don’t just dream. Act! Carpe Diem! And don’t forget to pop a glass of champagne!


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