How To Compromise When Planning A Wedding
Written by
Daria Winters
February 2020
Written by
Daria Winters
February 2020

Through your relationship, there will be times when you need to decide on some big things, such as a wedding and starting a family. When it comes to planning your big day, there are tons of decisions you need to make together. These decisions vary from big ones like the date of the wedding, or the type of the venue, to the small, seemingly unimportant, ones like the decoration on the tables and types of wines that will be served.

So, it’s completely natural to disagree at some point, but it’s essential to know how to compromise.

1. Share your expectations

You’ve probably heard about the famous quote by William Shakespeare “Expectation is the root of all heartache”. And it’s a good saying that could be applied to every aspect of your life. But, when it comes to the wedding, don't let it frighten you. If your relationship is based on good communication, you should not worry.

Before you start planning the big day, have an honest conversation with your partner about your wants and needs regarding your wedding day. Discuss how you want to be involved in the planning process and what you expect from your significant other, and vice versa. 

2. Priority list

One of the first steps when planning any event is getting your priorities straight. You have to decide what's most important for you and your partner so you can compromise. How many people will you invite? What kind of cake will be served? What about the menu? These are all valid questions you need to agree on, one by one. So, the best way to sort them out is by creating a priority list.

One of the most important things on your list should be a budget. If you estimate that you don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses, there are some ways to save money for your wedding day

3. Split tasks

If you're planning a wedding in a short period, there's no time to waste. There are a lot of things that need to be done, but not nearly enough time. We can agree that doing things together is more fun. However, if you want your big day to be just how you imagined it, you might need to work separately on some tasks.

The most important thing here is to trust your partner. If you’re in charge of the invitations, make your significant other in charge of the menu. If you don’t care who the photographer is, but it’s significant for you to have the proper decorations in the venue, compromise and split tasks.

4. Wedding location

Perhaps your ideal wedding is not the same as your significant other’s. And that’s where the disagreements happen if you don’t communicate. For example, if your ideal wedding is on the beach, but your partner prefers a chapel in the city, you will need to compromise.

There must be a perfect place to fulfil your and your partner's wishes. You can compromise by getting married at the chapel, but having lunch at the beach. Don't limit yourselves to your city only. Look around the country and surely something close will come up. You shouldn't worry about how you’ll get there. You can always find a luxurious wedding car rental to take you there in style. You can opt for a classic limousine like a superstar, or the car that matches your aesthetic.

5. Activities

If you want to make your wedding day interesting, think of some activities you can do. Ask your partner to help you think of the games and activities. If he’s not quite keen on that idea, compromise!

Everyone likes to have nice photographs from the wedding. For example, you could get a photo booth, or, have fun with your partner or family and make one! To make a photo booth, add different lights, colours, flowers and anything that matches your aesthetic. Make cardboard face masks or get silly glasses and hats. It's important to have fun!

Even though planning a wedding seems like a hard and tiring job, compromising and listening to your partner's wishes makes everything easier. So, make that priority list, plan everything in detail, and split tasks to keep both sides happy and satisfied.

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