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20 Online Resources to Improve your Writing Skills
Written by
February 2020
Written by
February 2020

Writing is tough. Words are hard to come by. It doesn’t matter whether you are an established author or just starting your online blog, making meaningful sentences that will appeal to the reader always remains an arduous task. Writing requires concentration, dedication, and focus. Though there are a lot of online writing services including custom essay writing service available, you can’t possibly rely on them every time for your writing requirements. Luckily, if you are looking to improve your writing skills, there are great resources available online for the same. Here, in this post, we are going to talk about 20 online resources to improve your writing skills.


  • Daily Page


If you want to develop a habit of writing some words every day then Daily Page can be an extremely useful tool for you. When you opt for Daily Page, you will receive a writing prompt in an email every morning. Thereafter, you can choose your own time during the day and sit down for writing. Post completing your response you can either keep it private or share it.


  • Essay Mama’s Essay Writing Guide


If you are at the commencement of your writing experience, then this website is best for you to acquire tips on improving grammar as well as writing skills. The tips are primarily focused on essays but will help you in any kind of writing assignment of yours.


  • 750 Words


You can consider 750 Words as a dumping exercise. Just write whatever you have in your mind without caring about making it a point. This tool will keep a track of your word count and give you points as well. You will even get to know some statistics like how much time you took for writing 750 words and what are the feelings and theme behind your words, and more.


  • Help me Write


Help me Write gives you a facility to ask the audience what they want to read. Simply create a profile and post the topics, on which you might be thinking to write, on social networks. Choose the topic that gets the most number of votes.


  • Blog Topic Generator


As clear from the name, Blog Topic Generator, generates potential topics based on the keywords that you will submit. Simply provide the tool with three keywords and you will get to see 5 potential topics based on the submitted keywords.


  • Grammar Monster


Don’t get scared by the name. This website is designed to provide grammar lessons in a form that is easy to digest. The concepts are broken down into smaller chunks so you can easily understand them. Even if you have sufficient know-how of grammar, you can always use this website to check if indeed you are following the right path.


  • Using English


If you are having English as your second language, the Using English online portal is perfect for you to test your skills. There exists an English Reference section in the site through which you can check out the Idioms, Grammar Glossary, Phrasal Verbs, and Irregular Verbs.


  • Grammarly


Grammarly has become a common name among those who wish to improve their English writing skills. It fixes close to 250 different types of English errors. Moreover, you can install Grammarly as an add-on as well to your web browser thereby enabling you to get your grammatical mistakes rectified in email, social media posts, and more. Please note that along with the free version, Grammarly has a premium plan as well costing $29.95 per month.


  • Correctica


This tool is similar to Grammarly. It catches grammatical errors present in your writing enabling you to rectify the issues before you publish or send your content.


  • Twinword Writer


A majority of the times you need synonyms while writing. Looking for synonyms in a different tab can be a tiring exercise. Here Twinword Writer comes to your rescue. If you pause on a particular word for a while, Twinword Writer will suggest synonyms based on the context of your assignment. You can click a word yourself as well to get synonyms.


  • BrainyQuote


Often you will feel the need for a quote to give weight to your opinions while writing. BrainyQuote comes to your aid here. It is a library filled to the brim with quotes that you can search by topic or by the speaker.


  • Hemingway App


Nobody likes to read a write up with complex words, sentences, and jargon. If you want to improve the readability of your write up, simply paste your write up in this web app and get suggestions to improve the readability.


  • ProWriting Aid


ProWriting Aid is an amazing tool that analyzes your assignment and highlights redundancies, overused words, plagiarism, and length of your sentences. You can identify the areas that need modifications. Please note that with the free version, you can analyze 3000 words at a time. So, if you are an avid writer, it will be best if you go with the pro version that will cost you merely $70 per year.


  • Cliché Finder


If you feel that you have included a lot of clichés in your content, paste the same into Cliché Finder and it will highlight all the clichés in your text enabling you to replace the same.


  • Readability-Score


Similar to the Hemingway app, the Readability-Score is an online resource that will calculate the readability score of your content from 1 to 100. The more you score, the better is your content.


  • Aztekera Passive Voice Checker


As clear from the name, this online resource checks for passive voice in your content. With the help of this tool, you can eliminate the excessive use of passive voice in your content.


  • Grammar Girl


Now renamed to QuickandDirtyTips, you can learn all the things about English Grammar like vocabulary, punctuations, style of writing, and much more. Mignon Fogarty, with a lot of books and apps to her name, is behind Grammar Girl.


  • Thesaurus


Almost, every English writer uses the Thesaurus tool. You can get phrases and alternative words from Thesaurus to better express your ideas and opinions in English. Thesaurus is rated as the best in terms of the collection of synonyms and antonyms.


  • Grammar Book


Grammar Book allows you to participate in a wide range of Grammar quizzes. Moreover, its blog gets updated each Tuesday with a blog post explaining a new Grammar issue.


  • Atomic Writer


If you are already running a blog then Atomic Writer can be extremely handy for you to analyze whether the content written by you is suitable for your target audience or not. You need to attach your Google Analytics and social media accounts with Atomic Writer for enabling it to do the needful.

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