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  • 7 Tips on How to Behave on the Interview
7 Tips on How to Behave on the Interview
Written by
Jane Evans
February 2020
Written by
Jane Evans
February 2020

Finding a job in this ever-evolving world can seem to be a little bit difficult, especially in India where the competition is huge. Going to a job interview can be an important step in one’s career and handling it efficiently is important.

Which are the most important aspects to consider when going to a job interview? What to do and not to do? Here are seven tips that can help you adapt your behavior to the interview and to maximize your hiring chances.


1. Punctuality

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be punctual. Of course, things we cannot control happen all the time and there is always something that could happen and make us late. But, the solution to this is to take extra buffer time. Even if you would arrive 15 minutes ahead of your time, it is better to be there earlier than later.

Human Resources Professionals and not only have a very tight schedule, as they have to take care of candidates, employees, and pieces of training and events. If you are punctual, you let them understand that you have time management skills and that you respect their time.


2. Greetings

An interview is a formal meeting, so you need to adapt your greeting according to this. However, most of the Human Resources Professionals are young and open-minded people.

This means that they can make you feel less stressed by adopting a more casual and informal way of communication. A firm handshake is always a must, as you let them know that you have self-confidence.


3. Dress Code

When you are going to have an interview for a job, for sure you think which is the best way to dress. You should know that the dress code for an interview is a formal one, even a casual one. But never a sports dress code. Remember that you need to make a good first impression.

No matter what position you have an interview for, avoid going there dressed like you are going to play football or basketball.


4. Grooming

Not only clothes are important for a good first impression, but also your hair. Grooming your hair, and your beard if you are a man, is essential. The way you look contributes to forming a long-lasting first impression. How your hair looks says a lot about your personality and your behavior, so pay attention to your hairstyle.


5. Answering Interview Questions

How you answer the interview questions is crucial for your future within the company. Listen attentively to the interviewer’s questions and do not rush into answering quickly. Answer brief and simple replies and focus on the questions.

Avoid saying something that is not on the topic just for the sake of saying something. Be sincere and honest and admit when you do not know something. There is nothing wrong, we are all here to learn.


6. Posture

What is important to keep in mind is that you need to be calm and comfortable. Keep your back straight and do not slide down on your chair. Be attentive and avoid all distractions. Put your phone on silent mode in your bag. Do not play with your hair, beard or rings. Instead, pay maximum attention to your interviewer.


7. Exiting

The interview is over and you have reached the final part. Some candidates assume that the interview is over without the interviewer saying so. They leave the impression that they are in a hurry and do not have time to hear the final remarks.

If you have some unasked questions, now it is the perfect moment to ask them. Here is the moment when you find out which are the next steps. Always thank the interviewer for the time invested in getting to know you.



Going to an interview for a job can be overwhelming, as you do not know what to do and not to do. Firstly, you need to take care of your look. Have your hair groomed and adopt a formal or casual dress code. Never go to an interview wearing sportswear.

Secondly, be punctual and always greet the interviewer. Adopt a comfortable posture and do not rush answering questions. It is also acceptable to admit when you do not know the answer. The Human Resources Professional will admire and appreciate your honesty.


Author Bio: Jane Evans has been working as a translator and editor at the York International Agency for 3 years. She is also a professional content writer expert at Brill Assignment in such topics as blogging, human sciences, psychology, traveling, and health. She loves spending time in nature and riding the bike.

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