• The Highs & Lows of Writing Books
The Highs & Lows of Writing Books
Written by
February 2020
Written by
February 2020

Aspiring writers may really be encouraged to hear, or rather read this post.

From my experience, writing books is something like moving every three or four years. Regardless of how many times I’ve moved, be it across the street, or clear across the globe, each move yields a different experience.

Now, if this seems like a given, then here’s the kicker. There is no order, or rhyme to how the highs and lows will occur. In other words, the axiom ‘it gets better with age, or practice,’ doesn’t apply. If it’s any consolation, out of 27 books I’ve written, I’ve had as many divine experiences, as there were tests to my wit and spirit. Generally I advise abandoning anything not working, except I have plowed through some very horrible writing experiences, due to some very abysmal forces, that turned out in my favor. 

At any rate, I humor myself by handling these ups and downs using what I call band-aid therapy. That is, I look out for…and plan for the bumps based on past experiences, but keep plenty band-aids handy knowing from past experiences I may hit a bump. Hopefully for all those in the middle of a writing grind, this bit of inspiration will serve as motivation to keep writing, which by the way I’ve been doing for the past 3-years, an unprecedented amount of time for my norm!

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