Actually Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in 2020
Written by
Caprice Weston
February 2020
Written by
Caprice Weston
February 2020

There they are, memes about New Year’s resolutions creeping through on social media platforms. Fitness, weight loss, healthy relationships, self-love, organization, financial goals and more. The same dreams of personal growth we strive to achieve every time a new year rolls around.

But the reality is, resolutions are tricky to achieve because they often involve doing things we don’t find fun, or they require us to break habits we’ve had for a long time. All the things we want to achieve can happen, but they’re unlikely to happen overnight.

A quarter of us won’t stick to our plans after the first week of January. Once the puffery fades, our motivation dwindles, and there we are, back where we began. Then there is those rare percent of people who achieve their goals and embark on a life-long journey to self-improvement.

So, what do these people do differently than the rest of us? Here are the 9 tips that those rare bunch of trailblazing goal-setters will use this year to achieve their dreams.

1. Remember WHY

Why these goals? It’s useful to consider WHY you made a particular resolution. Thinking about the positive influence a goal can have on your life can remind you why you set it in the first place.

2. Be Real 

Yes, a goal should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be so big it scares you off. So be realistic with yourself. Instead of saying that you’ll work out for an hour every day, try ‘I’ll work out for 30 minutes two days a week. That way, it’s doable and more likely that you will reach your goal. People who craft realistic resolutions have a better chance of following through.

3. Frame Your Resolution in a Positive Light

Often we look at a new year’s resolution with almost a sense of doom and usually after the clock strikes 12. Reality sets in with how much ‘work’ this will actually be. Instead of overwhelming yourself, try to look at things positively and be excited about your goals. If we can picture a happier future, it spurs us on.

4. Challenge Your Old Beliefs & Habits

Sometimes our self-doubt and inability to believe it can be done get in the way of our goals. If you become aware of and break down these assumptions of why you can’t do it, you might see they’re not really true and that they’re only holding you back. Challenging our assumptions can be almost fun. Make it a game and see how far you go.

5. Prepare for the Rough Times.

As much as we wish it were easy, change isn’t easy. If you expect and plan for roadblocks, you can actually nip them in the bud. Work out what you can and can’t do to overcome those obstacles. To help you make a better choice, visualize enjoying an option that will help you succeed.

6. Team Up With a Friend

Things are always comforting and easier when you don’t feel like you’re on your own. Having a friend to chat with about your goals or when your motivation dwindles really helps.

7. Have FUN

Rewarding and acknowledging the steps you’ve taken towards achieving your goals is encouraging. Have fun with it and celebrate each win. Even a small win can help you create self-propelling momentum as you steadily chip away at your more substantial objective.

8. Own Your Goals

Give your goals a meaning that aligns with your core values. Set fundamental goals, those driven by your natural need for growth and connection.

9. Feel GOOD

Take care of your limbic brain (the area of our mind that craves instant gratification). A reward that is too far into the future can be a deterrent, so give yourself small gifts and incentives along the way.

Final Note

You can actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. But it’s up to you! Now that you’re armed with these nine techniques, it’s time to re-think those lofty goals and embark on a realistic journey to an all-new you.


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