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The Healer And The Healed
Written by
February 2020
Written by
February 2020


Walled away,

Caring heart,

Doesn’t want to stay.


My heart’s been broken,

Time and Time again,

Trust and love shattered,

For personal ends.


My heart is breaking,

These people that I LOVED!

Betrayed my trust,

Were the ones that shoved.


They pushed me from the ledge,

I screamed, their names I called,

They just sat back and laughed,



No one is doing ANYTHING,

These bruises go ignored,

People laugh at my pain,



Can’t they see my face,

Is a mask to hide my pain,

A front to take the hits,

So i’m not hurt again.


I’ve built my strong walls,

To lock my feelings in,

But it’s just a house of glass,

About to cave right in.


If I let you see the TRUE me,

You now hold a stone,

You now hold my trust,

The power to break my home.


If you hold that rock,

You hold my trust so valuable,

You can rip my heart to pieces,

With a simple throw abusable.


I need someone to see,

To help me with my pain,

To help me see the light,

When dark closes in again.


If you hold that stone,

And treasure it like gold,

I will love you forever,

I will always take your hand to hold.


I will lean on your shoulder,

And you can do the same,

Please hold me when I cry,

Before I shatter like glass aflame.


I need someone to help me,

Keep their promise to not hurt,

To help me through the dark,

To put in actual effort.


Now you see the truth,

You see the mask is fake,

You see the bruises underneath,

Physical and mental the same.


Abuse is hard to live through,

Harder if it’s someone you love,

And you have to recognise,

It will only kill in the long run.


That’s why I let you in,

So you could help me see,

To help me break my walls,

And help my soul be free.


We will walk off together,

Away from parents and friends who lie,

And into a new era,

Into to boundless sky.


For as you hold me close,

Stitch me back together,

I know you are my friend,

The best forever and ever.


Together as one,

We will sail the sky,

The newly healed fledgling,

And the teacher who would never lie.


As we walk together,

I will hold your hand,

The healer and the healed,

Together till the end.

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