Remember Who You Are, is a Powerful Lesson

The Lion King was my son’s favorite movie when he was three.  He watched it over and over again to the point he was reciting the lines.  It, too, is my all-time favorite Disney movie due to it’s a powerful message, “Remember Who You Are.” I believe that the Universe uses everyday things to awaken us to those parts of us that need to grow and change, and this movie continually playing in the background of my life did just that. 


I believe that we all arrive on the planet knowing who we are, but along the way, we forget what our true authentic nature is.  This forgetting occurs as we are initiated into a family and a society that starts to label us.  As we grow, we take on roles sometimes without realizing it, that wasn’t ours to take.  Forgetting who we are isn’t hard to do as we try to fit in and quit listening to our heart’s voice as we did when we were little. 


Every choice before you represents the Universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you want. ~ Alan Cohen


Who Are We?


The heart’s voice, or our soul, is the part of us that is connected to Source or Spirit at all times.  It’s the part of us that always was, always is, and always will be.  We are energy which can’t be created nor destroyed, only transformed, and we are currently being expressed in the form of an individual human being. 


If you look at a small child, they are full of life and love.  They don’t hate, as that is something that they learn to do by watching others.  They are open with everyone they meet, but we tell them not to be so friendly, and we scare them into not trusting strangers.  [Note: This is not to say that there isn’t Stranger Danger out there that needs addressing] 


It’s interesting that although we arrive knowing who we are, as we grow up, we forget, and then spend a large portion of our adulthood trying to remember — thereby returning to our true natures, our authentic selves. 


Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? ~ Charles Bukowski


How to Remember our Authentic Selves


In the movie, Simba goes on to live a contented life with Timon and Pumba after the trauma of his father, Mufasa, dies.  It takes an unexpected visit from his childhood friend Nala to remind him of whom he is supposed to be, the king.  Of course, he struggles against what is instead of accepting his responsibility.  We all do this, stepping into the power of who and what we are is indeed scary.  The ego will surely fight against it.


Sage Rafiki enters and gives wise truths to Simba. He causes him to think about a fundamental question, “Who are you?”  We all have been secretly asking the question as we have aged and realize there may be something missing to our lives.  This inquiry starts our journey into self-discovery. 


The expedition of finding who you are can be daunting, especially if there have been traumatic events in your life that needs overcoming.  During this period, we need to “Look harder,” as Rafiki insists as Simba gazes into the pool of water.  We are not to give up on the journey to find who we are. 


In the final scene by the water, Rafiki says a profound statement, “He lives in you.”  This declaration is insightful because who we are is always in us.  Our soul, connected to Spirit, has always been with us throughout our lives, whether or not we realized it.  Understanding that we are never alone is empowering.   


When barriers are put in front of you, it’s God or the Universe asking you to remember who you are, and reminding you not to let yourself be defined by things outside of you. ~ Christine Ebersole


Who we are Emerges


Once we recognize who we are, our genuine self emerges, but this can be painful due to the changes that must occur.  Remember that the changes that will happen are useful as they allow you to become your authentic self. 


Again, Rafiki states a potent testimonial, “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”  If we learn from the painful past, then it empowers us to make the necessary changes in our lives.  This empowerment to create change only comes when we take responsibility to make the modifications to our lives while we remember our authentic selves. 


This growth mindset allows us to accept the past as it was without resistance, permitting us to move forward instead of fearing the past and allowing it to keep us stagnant and from remembering who we are. 


Live in joy, luminosity, and peace even among the troubles of the world. Remember who you are. ~ Jack Kornfield


Your Soul, Your Real Self


Now that you have remembered who you are, a soul connected to Spirit at all times, you must take your place in the world.  The universal expression of the soul that could only be you has a purpose and a reason for being here at this moment.  We get bewildered at the idea of a grand purpose, but all of us are here to be happy and love one another; it’s that simple.  How you choose to show love to those who come into your life is up to you based on your skills and talents.    

In his new book, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential, Deepak Chopra discusses the concept of our soul connected to Source, which is the ultimate reality, unlike the one we think we see with our five senses.  As we wake up from the virtual reality that our ego has created for us to live in, we begin to know that we are more than we ever imagined. 

All the limitations that we think hold us back have all been created by the ego as the soul has limitless potential and possibilities since it is and has always been connected to Source.  As we awaken to these potentials, we begin to expand our consciousness in all areas of our lives.  By moving past the ego reality, we free ourselves from old habits and concepts that cause us to be fearful. 


Your job on Earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to remember Who You Are. And to remember who everyone else is. ~ Neale Donald Walsch


Meaningful, Soulful Life


As we go through life, we all come to the place where we want more, not so much more stuff, but more meaning.  This desire isn’t coming from our minds, but from our soul.  This yearning is where self-awareness begins.  We ask ourselves questions: “Who am I?” “What do I want from my life?” “What is my purpose?”  When we begin this journey, we gain insight and start to grow beyond ourselves. 

This moving beyond our human selves is what Chorpa refers to as Metahuman.  By realizing that the brain has created a virtual reality for it to process information in an orderly way, we appreciate the fact that the mystical realm isn’t easily explained is then dismissed.  But this magical domain is where our consciousness resides.  It’s where our soul connects with Source. 

So, for us to be self-aware and live a meaningful life, we need to open our consciousness to the infinite possibilities that are available.  We need to see past our bodies and our brains and remember who we are.  We are the pure consciousness that is the observer of our lives. 


There is so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure. ~  Roy T. Bennett


Everyday Miracles


This new truth can be a great leap for our egoic minds to comprehend because its reality then disintegrates.   The human constructs of time, money, and energy are methods of perceiving and understanding the world in which we find our bodies.  It’s our mind that makes the virtual reality we think we live.  If we see something hovering that we can’t explain, we dismiss it as an illusion or a magic trick as it is outside what our brain can make sense of.

But miracles happen.  Whether it’s a medical recovery or something that we never thought would happen, unexplained events occur despite our brain.  Maybe this is our consciousness creating a better reality for us to live.  Our awareness that is connected to Source allows us to access consistent moments of bliss, perfect health, and flow.  It also allows us to realize that we are connected to everything and everyone around us. 

This freedom is what we all crave.  It’s what we have forgotten over time as we were integrated into the human ego-based reality.  What our mind makes cannot be unmade by our mind; we have to transcend it by waking up to consciousness.


Life is a progression of becoming who we are. ~  J.R. Rim


What is Wholeness


As we live an awakened life that is based on pure consciousness, the possibilities are limitless.  All the changes would be positive as the ego doesn’t drive it; love would, as love is pure consciousness.  We begin to see that we are whole and not separate from anyone or anything.  We realize that our unique story is completely mind-made, aligned with the ego, and keeps us separated. 

This awakening brings peace, unity, and the desire to serve, which is our real purpose - to love and help one another.  We begin to just be instead of always doing.  In the separated world of the ego, to progress, we must continually be doing.  With our new awakened state, we comprehend that the Universe is working around us to bring our desires into fruition as we co-create by being what we authentically are. 

With our new understanding of our wholeness, we have an innovative appreciation of the genuine nature of “I Am.”  Instead of labeling ourselves and others with statements like, “I am female,” “I am Christian,” or “I am American,” we see those markers as a tool of the ego’s desire to keep us separate.  As an alternative, we now discern that we are all the “I Am” of pure consciousness.


Walk with me to the edge of the city, Take off your shoes and feel the Earth. Remember who you are. You are a star: a mountain, that fountain in the sun.  Your heart is the velvet cave, where birds sing. ~ Julia Cameron


Moving Forward


As we all are in different states of the awakening, we need to be gentle with one another.  We need to be aware that some rise with ease, and others will have more trouble transcending the egoic mind to leave the virtual reality behind.  Therefore, let us choose to help those who cross our path to an awakened state, aiding the pure consciousness that connects us all to shine through. 


You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be. ~  Vironika Tugaleva


As you remember who you are and become more aware of your mindsets, then you can alter the course of your life.   To receive more enlightening articles right into your email, fill this out now.

Do you need support with your awakening process?  Do you need help in realizing your wholeness?  Do you want a strategy to help you create an authentic life?  If so, please contact me, and we can put together an action plan for you to be authentically you and for you to know that you are enough.

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