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  • Best Design Trends for Lifestyle Blogs & Websites In 2020
Best Design Trends for Lifestyle Blogs & Websites In 2020
Written by
Helen Bradford
February 2020
Written by
Helen Bradford
February 2020

There is one constant when it comes to web design trends – that they are ever-shifting. Cheap wordplay aside, 2020 is bringing another new age of fantastic technical and technological capabilities. They are pretty much endless, the ways we can play with extremes, how we can experiment, how we can go crazy with our designs and websites. Of course, out of all this craziness, most of it is just crazy – experiments for the sake of experimentation, interesting websites that work more like art pieces instead of actually usable web pages. Here, we're going with those that stuck.

The trends below are fantastic additions to lifestyle blogs and websites, trends that make for a better experience about everything that surrounds lifestyle blogs and websites.  

3D visuals

People always liked things like 3D visuals. They look cool, they add a bit more depth to practically anything they are attached to, and they can even add some extra benefits to your website. However, in the past people avoided this because it was either too expensive or too draining on your devices. Today, the future is here, and we have caught up with all of this (to a certain extent).

Of course, it's only a matter of time before VR becomes mainstream. With interactive 3D designs, you may be sacrificing loading speeds, but you are getting a unique look that will simply force people to stay on your pages and posts.

Dark mode

Finally. The dark mode is such a simple and elegant solution to many eye strain problems, that’s it’s a downright shame its hasn’t been set up earlier. But it seems people today are realizing just how useful and important it is, and how it will not only be easy on your eyes, but it will also make your design elements pop.

Namely, this does wonders if you get tired easily from the screen. It’s also great if you want to practice good sleep hygiene, and if you have trouble falling asleep at night. But, finally, what it also does is sticking to a kind of moody, sensual and elegant, even dark aesthetic that seems to be booming nowadays. Just remember to get this set up for both your desktop and mobile website.

Mixing photos and graphics

An interesting new trend as far as visual design is concerned is the mixture of photos and graphics. Namely, before these two have been split apart, never combined, never put together. Nowadays, it seems people are really budding for this kind of style. Its essentially a collage-like trend, that combines the cuteness and charm of graphics with something clear as a photo. It gives you a kind of chaotic and special style that, at least for now, not everybody is doing.

A bit of chaos

Another visual trend is the addition of chaotic, all-over-the-place drawings to your work. Its ads humanity to your website, as well as adding some interesting and unique loading setups and systems. It ads heart and a bit of kookiness to your work.

Furthermore, simpler drawings ad doodles can speed up your loading speeds, taking up less of your resources. In fact, any good company, like Orion Creative for example, that works on graphic design understand the importance of loading speeds, and of quality design. So simpler doodles are not only a sacrifice, they are a double threat.


Even more minimalism (navigation edition)

It seems every year, there is a trend of more and more minimalism when it comes to design. In 2020, this is especially reflected in your navigation.

Namely, starting a blog, a website, its all a bit more complicated today because of one reason – you have twice the work, thanks to mobile. If you’re blog or website doesn’t work on smaller devices, it might as well not work at all. You want to go small, to go clean, to go with minimalism in your navigational systems.

Indeed, the less your user has to move around, the more time he will be willing to spend on certain pages and posts. It also means they will be immersed in the website or blog more, lowering your bounce rates, minimizing the damage being done by people’s short attention spans.


If you want to make the most out of your website you need to stick to the most important trends. You need to keep your ear to the ground and focus on what makes the best possible website modifications and changes, to get the most out of your blogging efforts. That’s why we suggest you check out the article below. Whether it's adding a bit of chaos, getting even more minimalistic, or experimenting with photos and graphics, it doesn’t matter. Just choose one of these, see what results you can get, and then move from there.

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