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  • Importance of Lifelong Learning for Career and Personal Success
Importance of Lifelong Learning for Career and Personal Success
Written by
Marie Nieves
February 2020
Written by
Marie Nieves
February 2020

We often hear how important it is for us to continue learning throughout our lives. You can hear that learning doesn’t stop once you graduate or drop out of college to pursue your career. Such claims may be discouraging to some, but they are most definitely true.

Namely, once we start working our perspective completely changes and so does our environment. We need to adapt as quickly as possible if we are to achieve any success. The same is true when it comes to our personal lives. We experience success and failure, but most importantly, we learn from everything that is happening to us. This learning helps us avoid future failures and frustrations, just like in business. So, what’s so important about lifelong learning?


Let’s define it

Most definitions of lifelong learning (LLL) are very scientific-like, although the term is quite self-explanatory. Basically, it refers to the constant pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. With more and more people giving up on their original careers and looking for better job opportunities, it comes as no surprise that various courses are so popular among middle-aged or even senior citizens.

Lifelong Learning

What and how we learn?

Information and knowledge need to be refreshed or used periodically if they are to be retained. In business, it’s vital that you keep abreast with what is going on at the moment, but you need to be sure that your foundation is solid.

Then, there is learning which helps you grow. This means you acquire new knowledge and skills that are useful for your career. For example, preparing for the popular Certificate III in Business will help you hone your business and administrative skills and you’ll become more competent in this field.

Finally, there is something often referred to as “shock learning”. Actually, it’s learning which contradicts your knowledge or expectations. For instance, you may experience success or failure despite some indicators suggesting a different outcome. When you understand why such an unexpected outcome has occurred, you’ve made the best of shock learning.


What is necessary?

First of all, you need to know exactly in which areas you’d like to improve and select those that you can benefit from. Next, you need to stay focused and dedicated. Many people don’t have the endurance and determination needed to make the next step and you don’t want to be one of them. Finally, there is little point in investing your time and energy into something that you won’t be able to apply in either professional or private life. So, make sure you have that opportunity or create one if needed. Before you decide to do so, learn more about the difference between a startup and small business and get yourself familiar with all the opportunities that are on the table.

Lifelong Learning

What are the benefits?

Every time we see some effort rewarded, we are overwhelmed with positive emotions. We feel grateful that we used an opportunity, proud that we didn’t give up and satisfied that all that has paid off. Another aspect that shouldn’t be forgotten is the reinforced belief in lifelong learning. Each time we make use of something new we’ve learnt, our faith in ourselves grows and we feel motivated to pursue new knowledge and skills.


Setting an example

Whether we are managers, trusted colleagues or parents or any combination of those, we need to be aware that there are people who look up to us in search of inspiration and guidance. By being ready to constantly expand the limits of our knowledge and explore new frontiers, we are setting a great example to all those around us and motivating them to become better people, as well. This is most certainly one of the greatest gifts a person can give.


There is no development and flourishing without learning, since it is the only way to be able to appropriately respond to the changes that constantly happen around us. With so many fields in either professional or private life offering us room for improvement, our curiosity is really tested. The ultimate goal of having a more fulfilling and diverse life can only be achieved if we are ready to commit to lifelong learning and only those ready to accept the challenge can really benefit.

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