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  • 5 Unusual Places To Stoke Your Travel Writing Fire
This blog was featured on 02/28/2020
5 Unusual Places To Stoke Your Travel Writing Fire
Written by
Laura May
February 2020
Written by
Laura May
February 2020

As a writer, you’ll know that it doesn’t always come easily. Writing is one of the most rewarding and amazing things that you can do, but creativity isn’t just a tap you can turn on and off whenever you want. Writing can be a huge struggle — especially if you’re suffering from the dreaded writer’s block and you have impending deadlines.

Sometimes, it takes a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing and breathe new life into your work — and this is especially true if you’re a travel writer.

With that in mind, here are five amazing — and slightly unusual — places where you can stoke your travel writing fire.

  1. Andalucia, Spain

When we think of Spain, we often think of the package destinations on the Costa del Sol — the busy towns, crowded beaches and loud strips that tourists make a beeline for during the hot summer months. 

While this can be fun (and we’re sure that these towns have their attractions), they don’t generally lend themselves to inventive travel writing. Instead, head to the romantic mountains of Andalucia to stoke your travel writing fire...

The scenery is beautiful: winding roads curve around the olive-green mountains, the undulating hills are peppered with white-washed towns and villages (pueblos blancos), and vultures circle over craggy gorges and castle ruins.

It’s easy to find inspiration in the sun-dappled hills and sleepy towns steeped in history — and to fuel your writing with delicious Spanish produce. Start your mornings lazily with coffee, churros, and your computer, enjoying the peaceful quiet of cobbled squares. And spend your evenings typing over tapas in lively bars, drinking Rioja, and nibbling olives and Iberico ham.

  1. Costa Rica

If you want a destination that will spark your travel writing fire but gives you enough space to breathe and reflect, then Costa Rica is the one.

This extraordinary Central American country captivates anyone who visits with its wholesome, peaceful ethos and happy way of life — Costa Rica’s national motto of “Pura Vida” quite literally translates as “the pure life.” Is there anything more tempting to a travel writer?

Costa Rica adapts this warming approach to its hospitality too; there are many remote eco-lodges and indulgent beachside hotels that offer the perfect writer’s retreat, tucked away from busy modern life. These settings lend themselves naturally to creativity and writing.

If that doesn’t entice you, then the soul-soothing prospect of Costa Rica’s countless stunning beaches and the clear tropical waters that gently lap at the shores surely will. Or perhaps the musical cries of vibrant parrots and chattering monkeys in the rainforest will. There’s plenty to write about when the weather, landscape, and lifestyle are this beautiful...

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re looking for somewhere you can find inspiration and immerse yourself in local life — while maintaining a bit of peace and quiet — then you can’t go wrong with a Scandinavian city like Stockholm.

Sweden’s capital is sophisticated, dynamic and culture-rich, making it a travel writer’s paradise. There are countless things to do and write about, whether it’s visiting the city’s museums and galleries or indulging in retail therapy in Stockholm’s effortlessly chic stores. And while you’re there, you should probably sample the gastronomic delights of this innovative city — be it new Nordic cuisine or street food, Stockholm is a world leader in culinary trends.

You can find plenty of peace too, amongst the green parks and waterways. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands, which means you’re never far away from tranquil waters, elegant harboursides, and beautiful bridges. So find your stillness and stoke your travel writing fire after a long day of exploring.

  1. Lake District, UK

If you’re looking for the stereotypical “sun, sea, and sand” of a classic holiday destination, then the UK’s Lake District might seem an unusual choice. 

However, there’s something quite magical about the stunning scenery of this mountainous national park in the north of England. When the British drizzle sets in and dark clouds hang overhead, the landscape is hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric — perfect fodder for a writer.

And when the sun peeks out from behind clouds, glancing off shimmering lakes and deep mountain tarns, lighting up meadows and forests, it feels like the most beautiful place in the world. 

You only need to look at the many writers who found inspiration there over the centuries — from Wordsworth to Arthur Ransome and Beatrix Potter — to see that this might be the ideal place to stoke your travel writing fire.

  1. Kerela, India

One of India’s southern-most states, Kerela is the perfect escape for travel writers looking for inspiration. The vibrant colors and magical images conjured by the mere thought of India are enough to stoke your travel writing fire, but Kerela is that and more.

Kerela is a water lover’s dream, famed for its beautiful palm-lined tropical beaches on the coast, and backwaters of brackish lagoons, rivers, and canals further inland. Allow the tranquil waters to transport you away from reality and fuel your imagination. 

The best way to experience this water-based lifestyle is by staying on a traditional houseboat (called a kettuvallam), relaxing with a fresh beer and tucking into exotic Kerelan curries.

When you’re struggling to get words onto paper, getting away to a more unusual place can help to stoke your travel writing fire. Visit one of the incredible destinations above and you won’t regret it.

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