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  • 5 Reasons You Should not Proceed for Second Date with Someone
5 Reasons You Should not Proceed for Second Date with Someone
Written by
Jolie Andre
March 2020
Written by
Jolie Andre
March 2020

The dating world has its own share of lingo and trends. With the rising number of dating apps, finding a date is not the real struggle. Actually, making it to the second date is the issue. However, there are various reasons for the same. Sometimes you do not get a second date while sometimes you do not prefer to proceed for a second date with someone. The reasons can be endless. As a woman myself, I suggest to other ladies, if you are really not comfortable with anything, think twice before you proceed for the second date. It is always your choice and should not be done under any pressure.

Although, read on to find out what to do after first date. Sometimes we tend to misjudge and often fall in to toxic relationships and emotionally unavailable people. The amusing part is that such people usually give us the red flags all the time but we tend to ignore.

Your date got too drunk

Well, drinking is fun and it helps you loosen up. However, you should always maintain a limit on the first date. No one will like to handle you while you puke or pass out on the first date itself. Thus, if your date drank too much and went completely crazy, then you must avoid going for a second date with them. Although, there is nothing bad in drinking so much, but it does not give out a good social impression.

At the same time, if you have drank a lot, then avoid proceeding on a second date. Drinking too much clouds your judgement and you reveal too much too soon. Hence, if you think that you made a bad move because of that, then avoid asking for a second date.

You brought up the ex-topic

It is important to understand that no one wants to listen about your ex. A major turn off can be you bringing it up on your first date with someone. Your date will surely lose interest in you if you continue speaking about your ex. However, if you have kept on nagging about your past relationship, then you should respect your date and avoid having a second date with them.

In that same way, if your date was talking about their ex, then you should avoid going on a second date with them. This is because he/she might not be over their ex. You could just be a rebound for them and you do not want that.

It felt like an interview

If you first date felt like an interview to you, then you should probably give up the idea of going on a second date. You need a person who can hold a good conversation and not just ask questions. It is quite possible that this person will continue asking you questions after you start dating. Also, if you are a person who does not like giving answers, then definitely give up the idea of going on a date with this person.

Too much texting

It is important to balance the amount of time you take to text someone after the first date. Also, do not overdo it as no one likes that. This is one of the important tip for second date.If you want to have a second date with someone then have some patience. Also, see how the person is responding after you text. He/she might genuinely be busy so do not jump to conclusions. However, if you see yourself only texting them and they replying really late, then avoid proceeding for a second date. This is because they might not be as keen as you.


It is important to keep a check on yourself. You cannot just do a verbal diarrhoea on your first date. If you did that, then avoid asking for a second date. At the same time, if you felt your date did that, then avoid going for a second date. 


Getting into a beautiful relationship and have genuine feelings for someone is what every one likes to but every path is not easy and before getting into a toxic relationship you need to see the signs carefully.

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